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2012 Limelight Leadership Forum - Aurecon

No description

Mike Smith

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of 2012 Limelight Leadership Forum - Aurecon

2012 Limelight Leadership Forum - First....
we had to get to Tshwane! The Limelight Leadership Forum brought together Limelight chairs from across Aurecon to undertake leadership and business training while offering a discussion think tank providing insight and guidance back to the business for engaging, educating and retaining emerging professionals. Limelight Leaders 2012 Kick off the Forum looking at 2020 and beyond.
Focus on the one constant in our industry – change – and how we can position ourselves to respond
Learn all about Aurecon as a sustainable business.
Forge a strong cohesive team and put the emphasis on one of Limelight’s core values by engaging in a CSR activity at a local orphanage. Day 1: Aurecon Awareness Building on Aurecon Awareness training, day 2 focused on individual development.
Professional training modules from senior Aurecon figures, including country managers and board members.
Sessions offered: Day 2: Professional
Development Final day of the Forum was all about Limelight Day 3: 'It's All About Limelight' Limelight 2013 Confirmed
for 2013 All new in
2013... Thank you for your time, and your continued support of Limelight Office-wide presentations (you're the lucky first audience!)
Outcomes and Recommendations report, presented to ALT and DLT
Roadmap 2013 - Limelight's annual planning document
Updates to the Limelight Charter Outcomes & Recommendations LEADING Forum Objectives •Provide affirmative action on several aspects of the Aurecon business including the Towards 2020 strategy, P&D Process and Global Diversity Business Case.
•Set Aurecon apart from competitors by investing in an emerging professional Leadership Forum model. VIBRANT GLOBAL •Providing an ideal think talk; a unique insight for the business (human capital, delivery, Aurecon Leadership Team, etc) into the emerging professional body.
•Establish an event that may be promoted externally as a recruitment strategy/initiative •Demonstrate to all emerging professionals that Aurecon is committed and invested in developing future leaders while empowering Limelight leaders to lead change in their home locations.
•Offers a unique development opportunity for those who show innovation and are proactive in helping others and themselves. Did you know?
Over 3,500 staff are classed as emerging professionals at Aurecon representing over 50% of our workforce.
At some stage emerging professionals work in every office, in every team, on every project and with every client.
With such reach, it's clear that empowering emerging professionals to get the most out of their careers is not only beneficial to the individual, but to all of Aurecon. Establish Limelight in Asia, RSA offices and emerging regions GROWTH Building a supportive framework and a sustainable succession plan SUCCESSION PLANNING JANUARY-MARCH: MERIT 2013




DECEMBER: LIMELIGHT YEARBOOK GLOBAL EVENTS Relationships between Limelight and the ALT/DLT remain strong.

A break down in communication and awareness has been identified between EP's and Line/Unit managers.

Regular one-on-one communication, 360 feedback, an improved web space on the new intranet and overall greater awareness. Increased Line Manager involvement Working with Talent Development to ensure the EPP Program is effective and offers a clear pathway for professional development in the early years of ones career. Rejuvenating
the EPP Building on the success of programs in Queensland, Limelight leaders agreed to focus on increased university engagement through career fairs, professional presentations and ongoing
involvement where available. University Engagement New events complimenting those on offer in 2013.

Particular focus on global events to live the One Aurecon model - ensuring all EP's are offered the same opportunities while presenting an ideal networking platform.

Proposed: An annual diversity breakfast focusing on a different hot
topic each year. New Global
Events Tshwane, South Africa 2012 Limelight
Leadership Forum Stakeholder Management, Making Diversity our Passion, Mobility within Aurecon, How to get results - Turning Ideas into Reality, Feedback and Influencing others and Overcoming Barriers New Global Intranet - TBC - January 2013

Graduate 360 Magazine

Limelight 2012 Yearbook

Further multimedia opportunities COMMUNICATION Limelight Take Away - worksharing between committees, sharing proven ideas and activities between centres
Limelight Think Tank - brainstorming responses to several questions and initiatives presented by the ALT and DLT.
Limelight 2013 - Planning sessions, focusing on undertakings and actions in 2013.
End of Forum office wide presentation
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