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Nowhere to call home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Nowhere to call home

Her whole life has been in that one place with her dads and servants but now she gets to go to aunt who she has only meet once.
But before shes was in the car her servant junius, decides to be a hobo and tell her that. Is that a good idea to plant the idea in her head?
All that she has with her is a harmonica,sad blue songs in her heart and a bag of important stuff to her. On her way to the trains.
The taxi is here to take her to her aunts but will she actually get on the train, after the car ride?
The train is here.
She steps on the train
Well there goes the hobo life. The train starts rolling it crosses a river until it stops again at another train stop.

Frankie jumps off the train. Goes up to the nearest ticket man and redeems her ticket for full price what will she do now? Travel with the wind? Find junius? Only continuing this prezi will tell.
It always starts with a Bang
Nowhere to Call Home
by: Sara Ingels

Frankies dad killed himself
Frances Elizabeth Barrow is now a orphan her dad killed herself because of money, just cause he didn't want to poor did he think it would be better for frankie without him?
Frances has to pack up and has to leave the only place that she has ever lived in. Her only home her whole life. Or will she?
Press Play
She's on a frate train now but before she was she changed into boy close. Why? Who will she meet? She doesnt know but she decided to play her hermonica on the train. wonder how that will go
"Frankie Blue" cause she always playing the sad songs but who gave her that name? Stewpot the guy she meet on the frate train while guess what? Playing the harmonica.
Stewpot and Frankie land in pittsburgh there on there way to a jungle.
Girls. You know opposite sex boys are at the jungle and frankie is there trying to be a boy. Man thats got to stink.
Frankie and stewpot start to get hungry. "Let's go see if there any jobs available for some grub." stewpot suggests
Frankie Blues first job. Taters great start but working with stewpot is something to be nervous about

Gone frankie blues stuff is gone must have been them alful boys last night. but there on there going west.
But before they leave stew gets frankie a knife and gets boxes I wonder what for.
There the train goes but they have to jump on it. But its worth it cause its a feeler its got food inside.
Rocky Mountains down in Montana is where there headed.
They gotta stop in cinny first.
They stop at some old ladies house to work for some grub. There is a hobo sign of a good person by a fence post. The sign is a cat.
Off to St. Louis then Montana.
Mr. Frankie Blue now was Miss. frankie blue she finally told stew she was a girl.
Frankie and Stew go to a missionary where you can get food and stuff if you work. They stayed one night. Stew is still aimming for the mountains.
Hooverville is where there headed. Just about there to.
Stewpot cold keep seems to be getting worse but they are almost there.
Finally in hooverville they reached there goal guess thats the end.
Alone on her way home frances barrow goes to her aunts house.
Or so you thought stew is dead from the cold, now frankie is on her own. Going to chicago.
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