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RA 9155 presented by Maria Cristina Y. Escudero

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on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of RA 9155 presented by Maria Cristina Y. Escudero

RA No. 9155
An Act Instituting a Framework of Governance for Basic Education, Establishing Authority and Accountability, Renaming the Department of education Culture and Sports as the Department of Education and for Other Purposes

by Maria Cristina Y. Escudero

4. The school shall
be the heart of formal
education system. It is where children learn.

Governance of Basic Education
Principle of Shared Governance
Section 6. Governance. DECS shall be called DepEd
B. Regional Level - It shall have a director, asst. director, and office staff for promotion support, planning, administrative and fiscal services.
Learning Center - physical space to house learning resources and facilities of a learning program for out of school youth and adults.
Learning Facilitator - key - learning support person responsible for the supervising/facilitating the learning process of the learner.
Non-formal education - any organized, systematized educational activity carried outside the formal education
Quality education - is the appropriateness, relevance, and excellence of the education to meet the needs and aspirations of an individual and society
School - is an educational institution, public or private, undertaking educational operation with a specific age group of pupils or students, pursuing defined studies at defined levels, receiving instruction from teachers, usually located at a building or group of buildings in a particular or cyber site.
School Head - a person responsible for the administrative and instructional supervision of the school and cluster of schools.
Section 3. Purposes and objectives
To provide the framework for the governance of basic education
to define the roles and responsibilities of and provide resources to the field offices
5. Schools shall
have a single aim of providing the best possible basic education for all learners.
This Act shall be known as the " Government of Basic Education of 2001".
Section 2. Declaration of Policy.
It is hereby declared the policy of the State
1. protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality basic education and to make such education accessible to all
Section 1. Short Title
2. by providing all Filipino children a free and compulsory education in elementary level and free education in the high school level
3. Shall also include alternative learning systems for basic education to provide them with the skills, knowledge and values they need to become caring, self-reliant, productive and patriotic citizens.
6. Governance of basic education shall begin at the national level.
Field offices - regions, divisions, schools and learning centers
- where the policy and principle for the governance of basic education shall be translated in to programs, projects, and services developed, adapted and offered to local learners.
to make schools and learning centers the most important vehicle for the teaching and learning of national values
to ensure that schools and learning centers received that kind of focused attention they deserve
to enable to reflect the values of the community
to encourage local initiatives for the improvement of schools.
to establish schools as facilities where school children are able to learn a range or core competencies.
Section 4. Definition of Terms
Alternative Learning System- is a parallel learning system to provide a visible alternative to formal education instruction. (non formal and informal)
Basic Education - education to meet basic learning needs (elem., high school and ALS
Cluster of Schools - group of schools geographically contiguous.
Formal Education - systematic and deliberate of hierarchically structed and sequential learning
Information education - a lifelong process of learning
Integrated School - a school that offers a complete basic education in one school site and has unified instructional programs
Learner - is any individual seeking basic literacy skills and functional life skills or support services for the improvement of his/her life.
A. Recognize that every unit has a particular role, task and responsibility inherent to the office and principally accountable for outcomes
process of democratic consultation shall be observed in the decision making
the principles of accountability and transparency shall be operationalized in the performance of functions and responsibilities
communication channels of field offices shall be strengthened
Section 7. Powers, Duties and Function
A National Level -
formulating educational policies, plans and standards
monitoring and assessing national learning outcomes
undertaking national educational research and studies
enhancing the employment status, professional competence, welfare and working conditions of all personnel
enhancing the total development of learners
Secretary of Education shall be assisted by not more than 4 undersecretaries and assistant secretaries.
defining regional educational policy framework
developing regional basic educational plan, standards benchmarking international competitiveness
monitoring, evaluating and assessing regional learning outcomes
undertaking research projects
ensuring strict compliance for the recruitment
formulating the budget
determining the organization component of the divisions
hiring, placing and evaluating all employees
evaluating all school division superintendent
planning and managing the effective and efficient use of all personnel, physical, and fiscal resources of the office
managing database and management information system
approving the establishment of public and private elem., high school and learning centers
C. Division Level. Consist of a province or a city which shall a schools division superintendent
developing and implementing division education development plan
planning and managing the effective and efficient use of all personnel, physical and fiscal resources
hiring, placing and evaluating all division supervisors as well as employees of the division
monitoring utilization of funds
ensuring compliance of quality standards for basic education programs
promoting awareness of and adherence by all schools and learning centers to accreditation standards
supervising the operation of all public and private elem., HS, IS, LC.
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
D. School District Level - shall have a school district supervisor and an office staff for program. He shall be responsible for
providing professional and instructional advice and support to the school head and teachers
Curricula supervision
other functions as may be assigned
E. School Level. There shall be a School Head for all public elem. and HS who may be assisted by an asst. school head who is responsible for the
setting of the mission, vision, goals and objectives of the school
creating an environment that is conducive to learning
implementing the school curriculum and being accountable for the higher learning outcome
administering and managing all personnel, physical and fiscal resources of the the school
recommending staffing complement
encouraging staff development
establishing school and community networks
accepting donations, gifts, bequests and grants for the purpose of upgrading school facilitators and facilities.
Chapter 2. Transfer of Cultural Agencies

Section 8. Cultural Agencies. The Komisyon ng Wikang Pilipino, NationalHistorical Instititute, Records Management and Archieves office and National Library shall now be administratively attachedto the national Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCAA) and no longer with the DepED. The program for school arts and culture shall remain part of the school curriculum.
Chapter 3. Abolition of the Bureau of Physical Education and School Sports
Section 9. Abolition of BPESS. All functions, programs and activities of DepED related to sports competition shall be transferred to Philippine Sports Commission. the program for school sports and physical fitness shall remain part of the basic education curriculum.
Chapter 4. Support and Assistance of other Government Agencies
Section 10. The Sec. of Education and the Secretary of Budget and Management shall within 90 days from the approval of this act jointly promulgate the guidelines on the allocation distribution, and utilization of resources provided by the national government for the field offices, taking into consideration and uniqueness of the working conditions of the teaching services.
1st step
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
Section 11. The Secretary of DepEd subject to civil service laws and regulations, shall issue appropriate personnel policy rules and regulations that will best meet the requirements of of the teaching profession taking into consideration the uniqueness of the working condition of the teaching profession.
The Secretary of Education shall ensure that resources appropriated for the field offices are adequate and that resources for school personnel, school desk, textbooks and other instructional materials intended are allocated directly and released immediately by DBM to said offices.
Section 12. The COA, in the issuance of audit rules and regulations that will govern the utilization of all resources as well as the liquidation, recording and reporting thereof, shall take into account the different characteristics and district features of the depart field offices, its organizational set-up as well as the nature of the operations of schools and learning centers.
Chapter 5. Final Provisions.
Section 13. Governance in the ARMM. The Regional Secretary for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao shall exercise similar governance authority over the divisions, districts, schools and learning centers in the region as may be provided in the organic act without prejudice to the provisions of RA 9054.
the end ...
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