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Mint Teeramasvanich

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Cinderella

Once upon a time...
She represents the outcast archetype. Cinderella's father was the owner of the house but when he died, she had to move from a comfortable room in a house to a garret.
Mice were Cinderella's friends who always supported and saved her in the end. Therefore, mice represents loyal retainers archetype. These mice along with birds, fixed the old dress while Cinderella was too busy doing washing. Gus and Jaq, the mice, were also acted as sidekicks for Cinderella because when Cinderella was jailed in the garret, they bravely stole a key from a step mother and freed Cinderella. In other word, they saved her.
Fairy God mother
Fairy godmother was an archetype of the Earth Mother. Fairy godmother fulfilled Cinderella's hope and needs for the ball. With her magic, she gave Cinderella a ball gown, a carriage and glass slippers. Without her, Cinderella would not able to go for a ball.
There was a beautiful girl who worked as a slave for her stepmother and sisters in her own house.
Her name was Cinderella.
Step mother &sisters
One day, a messenger from the palace gave an invitation for every girls in the town to attend a ball.
Stepmother allowed Cinderella to go if she had a dress. With her animal friends' help, they transformed an old dress into a beautiful gown.
When the evil sisters saw Cinderella, they were jealous of Cinderella's beauty. They ripped Cinderella's dress and went to the ball leaving Cinderella with tears.
Suddenly a fairy godmother appeared and gave Cinderella a dress and carriage. She reiterated Cinderella to come home before midnight when her magic would deteriorate.
At a ball, Cinderella and Prince Charming danced and they fell in love.
Cinderella was so happy that she forgot about midnight. She quickly ran away and left a glass shoe.
On the next day, the Grand Duke went to every house with a glass slipper but none of the ladies were able to fit in a slipper. When the sisters were trying a slipper, a stepmother locked Cinderella in her room.
But Cinderella was able to get out of the room just in time. She married to Prince Charming and they lived happily ever after.

Cinderella symbolizes good and her step sister and sisters represent evil. Cinderella was a kind heart. She never harmed her new family even though they were mean to her. In contrast, the step sisters were jealous of Cinderella and defamed her. A stepmother made Cinderella lived in the garret and tried to hide Cinderella's beauty behind her daughter's by giving her lots of housework. On a day of a ball, they assigned washings to her so that she could not go to the ball if she did not finish it. The most evil moment was when the step sisters ripped Cinderella's dress and instead of stopping them, a stepmother did nothing. In the end, Good was proved to win over Evil because even though a step mother locked Cinderella in the room, she escaped, left the house and became a princess.
Prince Charming
When Prince Charming and Cinderella were dancing at a ball, there were many stars on the skies including star-cross, so it was clear that they would belonged together in the end.
Lucifer was an arrogant cat of a stepmother. He liked bullying the mice and tried to stop the mice from saving Cinderella. He symbolized selfishness of its owner. Cinderella was actually her daughter in law but she used her as a slave for her and her daughter's comfort.
Mice VS. Lucifer
This is another example of the battle between good and evil. The mice symbolize good and Lucifer symbolize evil.Through out the story, Lucifer always bullied the mice and sometimes tried to eat them. When Jaq and Gus were saving Cinderella, Lucifer tried to prevent them but he failed. Thus, succeeding in freeing Cinderella was a sign of good winning over evil.
A servant and a prince
In this case, Prince Charming was considered as a hero who rescued Cinderella,a damsel in distress. The prince saved her from the evilness of stepmother and sisters by marrying and pulling her out from misery position. Cinderella did not have to do housework again because she became a princess.
Cinderella's feet
The signature of the tales of Cinderella was the glass slippers. The size of them were small and no one could fit into it except from Cinderella. Feet symbolized freedom. Her small feet had led her to freedom and true love in the end.
By: Mint T. World Literature C
Archetypes in Cinderella
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