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Student Led Conferences - Room 24

No description

Joshua Suemnick

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of Student Led Conferences - Room 24

Bobby's Path To Success
Celebration average: 86%
Contract Completion:
Other Subjects
SPeaking Score:
Think...and Discuss
Celebration Scores:
Homework completion:
Discuss your scores...
Do I need to improve on any of this? How can I?
Discuss your scores...
Do I need to improve on any of this? How can I?
APT score average:
Science celebration
Reading Logs Completed:
Weekly summaries
turned in:
writing score:
Answer these questions before your conference:

1. What has been your biggest strength this year? Why have you been successful?
My biggest strength has been...I was successful because I...

2. Choose one area of class that you have struggled. What can you do in order for you to improve in this area?

JiJi Percentage:
Tests PAssed/Taken:
average book level:
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