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Copy of Ecological Succession

Observe and describe the role of ecological succession in ecosystems

Jan Bryant

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Ecological Succession

Succession in Ecosystems Overview Ecosystems are constantly changed. Different organisms are adapted to certain conditions. After an event that
can change the ecology of an area, the flora and fauna also change. TEKS 7.12D Observe and describe the role of ecological succession in ecosystems Move to part of the room that represents your view.

Share your thoughts with your group and be prepared to defend your thoughts. Forest Fire
Information Cards Read card and discuss with your group.

Has your view changed?

Be prepared to defend your new choice using specific examples or facts from the card. Misconceptions All forest fires are bad. As plants and animals come back after the disturbance, the same plants and animals that were there previous to the fire will be the first ones back. Read this statement. All forest fires are bad Let's go on a Field Trip! http://www.windowsintowonderland.org/index.htm Ecological Succession Game Succession Film Strip Requirements:
4 steps up to climax community
Illustrated pictures with 2 complete sentences containing key succession terms. Succession Secondary Succession Climax Community Primary Succession Occurs on organic material such as rock. The start of primary succession can occur with events such as fire, a volcanic eruption, and rock exposed by retreating glaciers. Begins with organic material in the soil The combination of flora and fauna that use the land
and it's resources most effectively. The process by which communities are established. Lisa M. Bazan

MEd .Curriculum and Instruction with an Emphasis in Secondary Science

Cadre I Digital Classroom Teacher

lisa.bazan@hcisd.org Timeline Lichen and Moss Grasses and bushes Compare and Contrast Key Terms Ecosystem
Pioneer Organisms
Primary Succession
Secondary Succession
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