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Nico Faustino

on 3 October 2014

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Revised Concept 2

As of October 3, 2014

Event Date: 11 November 2014


Guests arrive and they are met with a Red Carpet welcome at the

driveway. They alight from their vehicles and step on the red carpet.
The registration area will have muted lighting and a lounge set so that
guests can rest taken soon after they register. They stream into a foyer that will be designed like a musical lounge with chairs and tables that is lighted from within. There will be music playing from the time that they enter up to registration to the time that they lounge about.
The guests then stream toward a “band set up” which will serve as the backdrop for the photo opportunity. In keeping with the musical theme, the guests will be invited to take a pose while pretending to play the instruments in the band set Or a digital Photo Booth
FETE DELA MUSIQUE (“Shrills & Thrills”)
The pervading theme of the entire event will be a Citi Musical Jam. It will

be a Fete de la Musique of sorts. Guests will be treated to a musical solstice that

will enjoin the entire Citi family to keep pushing the boundaries, musically and

experientially, embracing the diversity of its people and its clientele. The theme

also aims to send the message that Citi and its clients have been playing good

music together no matter how diverse their needs and the circumstances have

been through the years.
To keep the guests entertained and to hype up their excitement for the
night, they will be invited to participate in a digital interactive game which will find them holding up their hands and waving in front of a sensor called “wave play”.
At a given cue, the ballroom doors will open and marshals will lead everyone inside. The table settings will have an ultra-elegant feel on a concert setting. Ambient music such as “Enya”, “Adele” or “world music” will be played and their videos shown on the screen. Once settled, a VO announcer will announce that the buffet tables are open, inviting everyone to have their dinner.
They proceed to the cocktail area where they will be served cocktails and be entertained by the musical strains from a saxophonist.
MAIN STAGE ..Concert feel with multi Led screens ,Trusses Lights and smoke machine ..
1. On cue, there will be a video showing of clients much like the brief Facebook “through the years” treatment.
2. This will be followed by opening spiels from the host/s. Host will then introduce the band, Juan Miguel Salvador who will perform two songs. The first song will be rendered by Juan Miguel Salvador and the second song will find selected Citi staff dancing to the live music of the band. Professional dancers to assist them in their moves will back them up.
3. “SINGING BEE with CITI" challenge.
Different preselected pairs will play this game. The pairings should have 1 Citi rep and 1 Citi client each. Basically, the game will show the contestants trying to finish singing a song.

4. Dugtungan game Host goes down the stage,host sings a song, then gives mic to a contestant , to sing another song connected the to last word of the Host’s song…

4.     After the games , performances to be churned out by the likes JK of The Voice, which will sing 4 musical pieces. The eclectic line up of performers highlight the diversity of the clientele and the adaptability of Citi to its clients’ needs.
5.         The musical performances will also be interspersed with raffle draws and musical games.

6. From there the host closes the program, but Freestyle will keep on playing for a dance-till-you-drop party time.
Nikki Gil
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