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No description

Jessica Zilney

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Divergent

By: Jessica Zilney
Aptitude Test
Choosing Ceremony
Meeting Four
Dauntless Simulation
Erudite Visit
Saves the Day
Social Connections
Plot Points
Beatrice goes for her first simulation the day before the Choosing Ceremony
No one could speak of their results
Beatrice finds out she is DIVERGENT
The meaning of the word comes from diverge, which means to extend in different directions from a common point or to differ in opinion. The word Divergent can also describe something that can cause others to vary in their set paths.
It is very dangerous for anyone to find out about Beatrice being Divergent, it is very rare.
Caleb, her selfless brother, switches factions to Erudite
Last minute Beatrice's blood falls in the Dauntless bowl
At the choosing ceremony every 16 year old decides where they want to spend the rest of their life, if they don't choose anything they are called 'factionless'
Four (Tobias) is a Dauntless leader
Tris was on lookout during a game the dauntless initiates play and Four followed her up the ferris wheel
He became a big part of Tris' life throughout the book
He made her feel more welcome in the Dauntless compound
We find out later in the book that Tobias is Divergent.
Quote from page 47
Being apart of dauntless you have to complete many simulations that have to do with your fears so you can overcome them.
Tris beat everyone's time record
Four said he would hide the footage because it clearly showed she was divergent and can overcome every fear, which is very dangerous.
Eyes are always watching you
Tris got told by her mom on visiting day to go find Caleb and get him so research 'simulation serum'
Tris got caught
She soon discovered the women who has ruined her family is the women who makes all the simulations and who is tracking down all Divergent people
She has all the records and thinks Tris is Divergent
Dauntless are not allowed in Erudite headquarters
Jeanine found Tris, slowly tried to kill her
Her mom came to save her
Tris had to go save her family
The needle didn't effect the Divergent
Quote from page 441
Four became the boss of the control room
Tris had to find a way to break into the Dauntless compound and find Four
Four couldn't snap out of it, Tris thought there was no hope
Tris kissed him without him killing her and he came around
She pressed the stop button and stopped the war
Quote from page 477
Jeanine's Needle
Everyone got this needle after completing initiation
Eric, another dauntless leader did not explain what the needle was for
All dauntless woke up in the middle of the night like soldiers
Didn't effect the Divergent
"It is NOT okay to be different"
Divergence has to be kept a secret because it is not accepted
Some people feel that they are not accepted in our society because they are different
Quote from page 80
Some secrets are best kept as secrets
Beatrice would have been more safe being divergent is she had stayed in Abnegation.
Changed factions because of bravery
Many secrets were kept about her family
Almost every character had a secret to hide
Quote from pg 353
Quote from pg 429
Quote from pg 59
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