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Description of research paper

Jordan Dobson

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Recess!

Structured play activities implemented during recess will improve the positive social skills and decrease the challenging behavior of children with autism.

Conclusion Start Why I chose this topic -Recess can be very beneficial for children with autism, especially in inclusive settings.

-Interventions during recess needs to be structured and organized.

-Peer-mediated interventions work best.

Overview of Findings -There are many different strategies and programs to use when implementing and intervention during recess.

-Teacher implemented techniques provided results, but peer-mediated instruction seems to be the most effective intervention.

-Recess places students in a naturalistic setting, which the research proves to improve generalization.

-Children without disabilities can benefit from inclusive settings by learning that everyone has differences and to treat everyone with respect. The Benefits of Recess for Children with Autism Thesis Overview of Findings -Research shows that social skills improved greatly such as initiating play and interacting with others.

-Disruptive behavior improved with interventions.

-After studies were conducted, students continued to show improvements in social skills and appropriate behavior. The topic of recess was given as an example at the beginning of class. Since I'm going into Special Education, I thought it would be very interesting to investigate the benefits of recess for children with autism.
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