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Globalisation and Educational Institutions

No description

Dylan Guarda

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Globalisation and Educational Institutions

Learning Goal
Globalisation is a force that can impact educational institutions for better or for worst; both in theory and in practice
May the force be with you.
Globalisation is not neutral but...
...is a set of institutions and social relations, as well as the flow of people, goods, services, information, technologies, and cultural forms.
Globalisation and Educational Institutions
By: Dylan Guarda

“globalization from below” (i.e., ways in which marginalized groups interact with globalization through its institutions and mechanisms for social justice).

“globalization from above” (i.e., of corporate capitalism and the capitalist state)
3 Ways this is manifested in Educational Institutions
1. Economic Globalisation

2. Political Globalisation

3. Cultural Globalisation

Similarly, students
should not be asked to
conform to their
educational institutions,
educational institutions should conform to the needs of their learners!
Watch the following clip, and ask

- Would this system work in Finland?

- Would this system work in your home

- Do you have any hopes/concerns for the suggested
Educational Institutions
What are some of the purposes of formal schooling?
Privitization, standardization, 21st CC

Democracy, equity concerns, global citizen

Multiculturalism, collective imagination

How are Globalisation and Education Reconciled?
Boots on the Ground
Fight the Power that Be!~
Similar Voices in Finland
Finnish schools let down two-thirds of kids:
2min 36sec - 4min 05sec mark
Globalization and Education
Although it is clear that solipsism and narcissism are clearly problematic; the broader implications of individualism in general are a lot more complex.

Inequalities are as old as human history, and almost as old as the debate about them. One thing that is new, however, is our ability to learn about them, to discuss them, and hopefully to find solutions for them together as a global community that is better integrated and more connected than it has ever been before

Clear and Present Dangers
Ignacio Martín-Baró
Globalisation -> what is it?
-> How it affects educational institutions
-> What is the purpose of educational
-> Examples of institutions dealing with
globalisation for their purposes -> Where it all goes wrong
->Room for improvement -> Conclusion
Have you witnessed/experienced this oppressive bureaucracy before?

How are economic, political and cultural global forces at play in this scenario?
-Globalisation's affect on Eduational institutions is complicated and it cannot be simply attacked as being a neoliberal force of evil

-Even though often times it is, the same forces can also promote what we progressives value

-Educational instutions have to education students in this global world to navigate this fine line
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