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Toyota Talk: An innovation in Automotive Communications

NYU PR2.0 final project by Yau Ching Cheng Evan Jaffe Erika Bleiberg

erika bleiberg

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Toyota Talk: An innovation in Automotive Communications

It's Like Having a Friend in the Car! NYU PR 2.0
Group Project by:
Yau Ching Cheng
Evan Jaffe
Erika Bleiberg Social Media Goals Crisis Communications/
Contingency Plans Budget • Create and amplify awareness about the new ToyotaTalk product.

• Educate internal and external audiences, including the automotive and electronics industries, the supply chain, existing customers and prospective customers, about the benefits and value of ToyotaTalk to generate product interest and demand.

• Enhance Toyota’s brand and corporate reputation – ToyotaTalk exemplifies the company’s commitment to deliver superior customer experience and innovative products.
The rules have changed!
It’s about interaction and exchange.
Customer relations potential is unparalleled.
Build good will and customer involvement.
Convey personality and brand identity.


Why Social Media?

Invigorating the brand through a social media campaign
that gets the nation asking:

•“What Would You Tell Toyota Talk?”
•“What Would You Do With Toyota Talk?”
•“Where Would You Go With Toyota Talk?”
Toyota Talk videos on You Tube

Toyota Talk’s own Facebook fan page devoted to user-generated content.

Twitter feed devoted to users’ conversations about Toyota Talk

Four Square check in app on Toyota Talk (be Mayor of your car!)

Tumblr dedicated to Toyota Talk news and information

Smart Phone app link to Toyota Talk platforms

Bloggers building and sustaining buzz over Toyota Talk

Metrics: Fans/followers, Comments/conversations, User sentiment,
Page views, Time spent on site, Bounce rate, Clicks and click-through rate
Conversions and conversion rate, Inbound links, social influence
http://www.facebook.com/pages/TTalk/109697799070759?ref=ts Teaching my 16 year old to drive wore me out. Yesterday's lesson was about stopping when I yell "brake." Fortunately, Toyota Talk was there to explain about the value of gradual deceleration to both the car and a father's nerves. Thanks Toyota Talk.
- Raul Santoro The Blogosphere Influential Blogs can reach strategic target markets to generate product awareness, provide product updates and enhance brand reputation. Results are measurable through number of (unique)readers, user posts, tone/sentiment of posts, time spent on site, bounce rate, number of shares, bookmarks and inbound links. When Sylvie told me she was driving home during a snow storm, I was worried. She's an excellent driver, but the conditions were due to worsen. Her father had taken ill, and she was determined to get back. She used Toyota Talk to check road conditions as she went, and spoke with Toyota's reps in real time, to review the car's weather safety features. She also used the hands-free phone to calm my nerves. Thanks Toyota Talk.
Mark Rothman Changing the tire was never easier, thanks to Toyota Talk. Digital Communications Platforms
How will they tell the story?
Male 67%
Female 33%

Age 18-34 years 38%
35-49 years 29%
50+ 23%

Ethnic diversity
Caucasian 73%
Hispanic 11%
Asian 11%
African American 3%

Children No kids 0-17 years 66%

Income $60-$100k 29%
$100k+ 28%

Education College graduates 42%
No college 42%
Graduate school 16%

(Source: Quantcast)

-According to the Scarborough Research Group in 2007:
42% had an income of over one hundred thousand dollars
the average age of a hybrid owner was closer to 50 than 40 (which is the average age of a car buyer)

-California outpaced all other states for new hybrid registration according to hybridcars.com

-Hybrid car owners had a higher level of education than all other car buyers
Toyota Talk: An innovation in Automotive Communication
Leveraging Traditional Advertising and PR Using the Toyota Talk advertising campaign, viewers will be directed to social media platforms and encouraged to participate in the conversation. The Toyota Talk social media campaign will additionally be promoted via traditional public relations methodology, and pitched to broadcast and print outlets. Customer Profile Hybrid Drivers Team of 3 fulltime social media managers @ $100,000 TOTAL ITEM = $300,000

Travel expenses related to Philanthropic Road Tour (does not include the grant money, which will come from Toyota Philanthropy budget)
TOTAL ITEM = $65,000

Subcontract agency for campaign execution for six months @ $15,000/month
TOTAL ITEM = $90,000

Online advertising to promote video contest
TOTAL ITEM = $20,000
TOTAL BUDGET = $475,000

Through the recall issues of 2010, we have learned the value of dialogue directly with our customes. they have a lot to tell us and we have a lot to learn from listening to them.

As a social media platform itself, Toyota Talk has moved the automobile into the social graph.

A Social Media strategy is a cost effective means with broad reach to launch and promote the Toyota Talk product. Timeline Pre-launch Planning 2 month lead time for contest promotion
July/August, 2010 Contest runs
September, judging and awarding of prizes, release of winning videos
October call for submissions from non-profits for Philanthropic Road Tour component
Early December, non-profit winners announced
January, 2011 "hit the road"
First stop, Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas,
Second stop, Detroit Auto Show, Detroit, MI
Social Media Integration
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