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Pokemon: Japan and the USA

Deana Akimov

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of pokemon

By:Deana Akimov and Becky Lockhart

In Japan, Pokemon is written in Japanese and the names are different.
The stories in Japan is slightly different.
Some names are the same in japan as English!
The sprites are way different. For instance.... Mew. Mew is a legendary that is impossible to catch and is very sweet.
Info on Pokemon in Japan
Everything is in English
They look better
Their names make more sense. like ditto. ditto can transform into any pokemon it sees. ditto, the word, means same.
Pokemon in the USA
How it is the same
The names are different from the American version
Also the texture of the game which is how it looks
The pokemon sound different.
The humans do not sound so deep-voiced
They speak English

How it is different
Here is a video for you
weird, huh?
SOME Japanese pokemon names are the same like Pikachu, and Persian, Pichu
They evolve the same
They have the same moves
Fun facts
Pokemon is one of the most popular games.
Some people think it is so cool they make fake games
Ditto is a failed attempt at cloning Mew.
Mewtwo is another clone of Mew, only not failed.
Mega evolutions are a new thing and is hard to acquire.
There are about 53 pokemon games
The original Pokemon games were role-playing games with an element of strategy, and were created by Satoshi Tajiri for the Game Boy.
Google info on Pokemon
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