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ah klaine

i did the thing

Audrey Hawkes

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of ah klaine

Until My Dying Day: why I ship Klaine
(and why you should too) Going it Alone: Kurt Hummel First of all, Kurt Hummel is the
most amazing and brave boy in the
whole frickin world. Everyone
seemed to be against him. He was
bullied every day for being who he
was, and yet he never once stopped
being true to himself. What a fuckin
badass, amirite?! Never Been Kissed And then there's this SUPER
JERK GUY who is making Kurt's
life a living hell for NO REASON Next time don't forget your jacket, new kid me and viewers everywhere Blaine Anderson: aka the most perfect cupcake and what a babe (at least, that's what
you think at first) Prejudice is just
ignorance, Kurt HE LITERALLY TEXTS THIS KID HE JUST MET "COURAGE" MULTIPLE TIMES IF THAT AIN'T THE CUTEST GODDAMN SHIT YOU'VE EVER SEEN Blaine's an oblivious dingaling for a while oh man kurt's such
a good friend i would bang that
so frickin hard but i love you so much????? you're so fuckin dumb THEN THIS FRICKIN BIRD DIES AND SACRIFICES ITSELF FOR THE GOOD SHIP KLAINE bird's gotta do what a bird's gotta do muthafuckas
see you in the afterlife bitches i'm out the way to a boy's heart is to sing songs about dead birds look at his fuckin face goddamn
that is pure love right there i'm heated that's the shit i like im gettin heated again f r iCK actual pic of me b oYFRIENDS!?!? i can't even talk about it why kurt is perfect for blaine he helps blaine overcome his fears (the dance)
he is proud of blaine ("i was so proud to be with you")
he is honest with blaine ("it kinda feels like we're blaine and the pips")
he trusts blaine (telling him about karofsky)
he gives blaine advice ("you only get one brother, blaine") why blaine is perfect for kurt he laughs at kurt's jokes
"never give up hope, ever"
"may i have this dance?"
he compliments kurt
he respects kurt
"we're always gonna be there for each other" conclusion ENGAME, BITCHES
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