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Daily Life in Salem

No description

Enais Hasan

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Daily Life in Salem

Women: Underpants, stockings, petticoat, chemise, bolster, bodice, skirt, apron, coif, outer gown and shoes.
Daily Life in Salem
Enais H. & Amy H.

Main Idea
1. Describe the clothing worn by men and women in Salem. What types of fabrics were used?
2. How did their clothing support their religious views?
3. Describe the types of homes that probably existed in Salem. Explain what a palisade is and why is it necessary.
4. Describe a family life of puritan.
5. Describe a puritan meal.
6. How did their food and eating habits support their religious views?
How did their clothing support their religious views?
Types of homes in Salem (What is a palisade is and why it was necessary.)
Describe a Puritan meal.
To keep a more Christian life in the way Jesus Christ wanted.
They dressed plainly so they don't appear as a sinner.
They wanted to keep their church and home as humble as possible.
Homes were made out of wood and had nice architecture and they were federal style mansions.
A palisade was fence and it was necessary because the fence was used for protection.

Clothing worn by men & women
Men: underpants, stockings, shirt, breeches, waistcoat, doublet, cape or coat, cap or hat and boots or shoes.
Puritan Family Life
Boys fished and hunted
Punished for any show of emotion
Toys were scarce (sinful distractions)
Girls cleaned, washed, cooked & sewed
Only read Bible ( others were on manners and punishments)
Worshiped on Sundays
Life was centered around God
They had very simple meals.
Pumpkin Pie, Boston Baked Beans, Salted Pork.
Boston Baked Beans were mixed with the Salted Pork and other spices to create the meal.
They would eat bread for breakfast and lunch
1. Bombast- a fabric of cotton and linen.
2. Calicut cloth- a cotton cloth from Calicut on the Malibar coast, later called calico.
3. Bombazine- a twilled dress fabric having a silk or cotton warp and a worsted filling.
4. Crasko (or, Crash)- a coarse linen used for towels.
How did their food and eating habits support their religious views?
Their food and eating habits supported their religious views because cooking was forbidden on the Sabbath, the first day of the week, Sunday, similarly observed by most Christians in commemoration of the Resurrection of Christ, so leftovers from Saturday dinner, like navy beans and salted pork, were served with Boston Brown Bread at Sunday breakfast/lunch and that became a tradition for the people.
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