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Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution

No description

Bianca Gomez

on 15 June 2013

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Transcript of Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution

Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution
The Great Purge
Joseph Stalin Killed many people during war.
The war was known as "Stalin's terror". He would blame the people for things that he caused.
Stalin made everyone believe that he was innocent and the enemy caused all the destruction.
The Great Purges took place between 1934 and 1939.

In Animal Farm...
The German-Soviet Non Aggression Pact & the Betrayal of Hitler
It was a peace treaty planned to last 10 years but only lasted 2. It was signed before the start of WW2 and stated that Germany and the Soviet Union wouldn't fight.
Two years before, Hitler stated that the Soviet Union was "An uncivilized Jewish-Bolshevik international guild of criminals," and "the greatest danger for the culture and civilization of mankind which has ever threatened it since the collapse of the states of the ancient world."
An alliance with Stalin protected Hitler from a two-front war.
A Secret Protocol was added, stating a secret addendum whose existence was denied by the Soviets until 1989.
Great Britain formalized their pledged to Poland and promised to protect Poland if it were attacked. Later on it was announced that Hitler planned to strike east into Poland.
Hitler gambled that Great Britain wouldn't keep their promise to Poland and ordered troops to strike Poland, but 2 days later France and Great Britain declared war on Germany.
Hitler screwed the pact and sent 3 million Nazis into the Soviet Union.
George Orwell
In Animal Farm...
The Russian KGB
The KGB began in March, 1954.
The KGB was created to defend the Bolsheviks and the October Revolution from the White Army. This was under Lenin's rule.
KGB stands for Komitet gosudarstvennoi bezopasnosti, or Committee of State Security. They were once called Cheka.
The KGB covered internal security, intelligence, and the secret police in the Soviet Union from 1954 to 1991.
Stalin used this special police force to secretly kill anyone who was a threat.
They were very brutal, which made people fear them.
They used terror and international deception to suppress counter-revolution.
The KGb was a key instrument during the Great Purge of 1936-38.
In Animal Farm...
The dogs, who act as bodyguards to Napoleon, represent the KGB, who were the bodyguards of Stalin
The Dogs forced and intimidated the animals to support Napoleon.
Stalin used this special police force to secretly kill anyone who was a threat.
Napoleon used the dogs to kill and attack every "disloyal" animal, just as Stalin used the KGB to kill anyone who was a threat.
Created By:
Kelly, Bianca, and Elizabeth
The End
Thanks for watching!
People will manipulate people for their own benefit. Napoleon uses the dogs to make all of the animals fear him. With all of the animals fearing him, Napoleon ruled a society that won't revolt because they are too afraid to.
The KGB were the "Sword and Shield of the Soviet Union". This was their emblem.
Napoleon slaughters the animals.
The purge of the red army relates to the slaughter of the animals bacause it both talks about the slaughtering of people and animal.
Joseph Stalin represents Napoleon, who is the boss or leader.
Napoleon slaughters the animal
Napoleon blames the animals For destruction of the windmill and for committing their "Crimes"
When someone has power, they may try to revise history (lie) to fit their purposes. When napoleon becomes their leader, he does anything in his possession to keep his spot.
Napoleon has dogs to protect and serve him.
Germany and Russia signing a contract to specifically not fight was very odd, since they were both enemies.
Mr. Frederick played as Hitler and Nazi Germany
Mr. Pilkington played as the United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Napoleon's relationship with Mr. Pilkington were almost friendly just like how Stalin almost signed an anti-german political alliance with Great Britain and France
To everyone's surprise, Napoleon swaps sides and sells timber to Frederick (as when Stalin first made the agreement with Hitler, shocking everyone worldwide)
Frederick gives Napoleon conterfeit money in exchange for precious wood. This enrages Napoleon.
Hitler, at the time, was giving Russia raw materials but when he decided to attack Poland he enraged Britain and France, thus starting WW2.
When someone is trying to take advantage of others, expect him(her) to lie. Frederick took advantage of Napoleon by giving him fake money for valuable wood as Hitler took advantage of the Soviet Union for the treaty since it gave him time to plan his attack. Napoleon lied to the animals and blamed Snowball for the cause of multiple problems like Hitler when he called the Soviet Union "a bunch of Jews" yet made an treaty with them.
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