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Decline Of Public Transportation in Karachi

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Owais Khan

on 18 April 2017

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Transcript of Decline Of Public Transportation in Karachi

Decline Of Public Transportation in Karachi

Karachi, with a population of about 2.43 crore, is the biggest cosmopolitan city of Pakistan. It is also one of the major hubs of the economic activities of the country. Traveling is essential for almost all the day-to-day activities. While the population has expanded exponentially in the recent years, the quality coverage and reliability of transportation is not developed accordingly. Provision of an efficient and reliable public transport system in Karachi is the basic requirement, which seemed to be an unresolved issue eversince. However, the same has to be coupled with eco friendly procedures because the growing number of motor vehicles on the roads are not only the source of ever increasing noise and air pollution in the city but also causes a huge failure of our public transportation system.

From 1961, when we had only circular railway system as public transportation, till the present day in 2017; we have had many public transport means, like
CNG and KCR Autos
Chin Chi Rickshaw
According to the Urban Resources Center (URC) officer, Zahid Farooq, "In 1973, we had yellow Mazda which proceeded door to door; in 1977, we got coaches system which still exist. But from 1984, just after the case of Bushra Zaidi, the public transportation system began to decline."
If we talk about the general opinion, 98% of the public needs a better transportation system in Karachi.

We had 25000 number of buses which reduced to 8000. According to the president of the Karachi Transport Itehad (KTI), Syed Irshad Bukhari; In and after the Benazir murder, around 1500 buses were turned into ashes as a sign of rage.
In 2013-2015, Finance Minister Ishaq dar sponsored the KTI for their loss.
The remarkable conduct is that the fare of all buses remained the same throughout the last five years.
According to our survey, It is quite evident that lack of public transport is the causation for the increase in privately owned vehicles
"A large number of auto rickshaws also affected in the diminish of public transport in Karachi. Around 4 to 5 years earlier, Karachi had 56000 rickshaws and 26000 taxi which has now reduced immensely."

Hafiz-ul- haq Hasan Zai
According to A.A Wahidi, Co- ordination Secretary, All Karachi Rickshaw Welfare Association (AKRWA), "The following graph shows the history of Chin Chi."
Recently, we had a large number of rickshaw chin chi 9 seater and 6 seater but we do not have any authentic information about them because 90% of them are unauthorized.
Following shows how well is the public treated in the public transport;
Does public prefer Chin Chi over buses ?
Karachi is the hub of economic activities of the country traveling is important to all of human.
According to a survey what public opinion about the decline of public transport.
Uses of Public transport
Gender Ration
the review of public trnsport in karachi clearly shows that public transport planning become unsuccessful due to inadequacies in over all Governance structure .
Presented by

Hurma Zahid
Owais Khan
Tabbassum Aman
Rida Gul
The fall of rickshaw ching chi was because it started to make rush in the city as form of traffic menace, increase in road accidents and it was also risky and unsafe for the public. Bike ching chi and Rickshaw ching chi were unregistered .Sindh High Court gave verdict against of these ching chi’s.
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