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Aislefree.com Final Pres

MMS 190

Lianna Gao

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Aislefree.com Final Pres

Aislefree.com Presented by:
Portia Boone, Lianna Gao, and Gerardo Mijares-Shafai

MMS 190/EGRMGMT 299.06
27 April 2010 Product Description Aislefree.com
Fast, Easy, Convenient Shopping
Aislefree.com website:
- 500 items to choose from
- $40 minimum purchase
- $4 flat rate service fee
In-person pickup at a nearby Kroger location
Sales &
Marketing Market Definition Total sales revenue of $487 billion in the grocery store market sector
$7200 spent annually for an average family of four
Potential to appeal to over 67 million different households/consumers
A market potential later on close to $9.74 billion
Total annual sales revenue of limited-service eating places (fast food eateries): $ 183.04 billion
75% of the population frequent these establishments anywhere from three to four times a week
Segmentation End users: Close to ¼ of the US population using our interface by Year 5 >>>> 77,263,000 consumers
Clientele list: Kroger, Lowes, Food Lion, Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Randalls
Focusing on only the grocery industry by straying away from other retail markets

Modeling Landscape Redbox Automated Retail, LLC
In 7 years: 93,000 rentals in 2003, to 21 million in 2006, and just surpassed 50 million rentals (2009)
Blue Rhino
$2.7 million in 1995 >>> $8.2 million in 1996 >>> $14.2 million in 1997
Company went public and paid off its $29 million in debt
Modeling Landscape Continued... AisleFree.com maintains similarities:
Creating and targeting a large market segment.
Providing new/innovative services.
Partnering with a large retail support network.
Key differences between Aislefree.com and the modeling companies:
No need for further financing beyond the first two rounds of invested capital
We will not incur high levels of debt >> will be able to start gaining profits before IPO Competitive Landscape Traditional Competitors:
Grocery Chains (i.e. Food Lion, Harris Teeter), Supercenters (Wal-Mart, Kmart), Convenience stores
Nationwide Online Grocery Services
AULSuperstore.com, Amazon Grocery, NetGrocer.com, Groceries-Express.com
Specialty Online Grocery Services
AsianFoodGrocer.com, PlanetOrganics.com, MexGrocer.com
Aislefree.com’s competitive advantage...
Key Influencers Marketing/Advertising Expenses (annually):

Will be used for local and regional television commercials, radio ads, and advertisements within Kroger pamphlets that list their specials
Most important influencer for our product will be the Kroger brand itself
Future Market Trends
& Expansion Impact of overall economic downturn >> don’t want to market ourselves as a luxury good
Will position ourselves as a service that enables individuals to invest more time in the workplace or with family

Begin with 50 Houston-area Kroger stores
Then after 5 years, we plan to use the money raised from IPO to expand into the greater Southwest region
- Will likely expand beyond partnering with a single brand
Key Financial Assumptions Target goal: Additional 2% in sales for each Kroger store
Equals $346,410.84 per store, per year ($17.3 million for all 50 stores in Houston area)
Team Requirements Investment Opportunity Financials Key Revenue Drivers Flat Service Fee
$4 fee charged per order ($40 minimum purchase)
We plan to use Year 1 to develop software and interface
Expect to start generating revenue by Q2 of Year 2
Key Expense Drivers Headcount projections

Engineering/Development costs
- $3.5M to develop software and test software
- $1M per year for maintenance and updates
- $500k paid in total to 2 engineers on staff
Proposed Company Offering:
Series A Financing - $6.5 million by May 1, 2011
Series B Financing - $5.0 million by May 1, 2012
Total Anticipated Capital Requirements = $11.5 million
Exit Strategy:
We assume that our company will go public at the end of Year 5 and offers 20% of its shares to the public
Core Members:
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Software Engineers
Director of Sales and Marketing

Aislefree.com Projected Revenue Stream
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