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Federigo's Falcon

No description

Emelyn Ray

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Federigo's Falcon

Federigo's Falcon
Plot Overview
Federigo was a wealthy young man living in Florence who fell in love with a woman by the name of Monna Giovanna. He attempts to win over her love with gifts and tournaments, but she did not pay attention to him for she was already married. Federigo soon runs out of money and goes into poverty. The only things he has left is his farm and his prized falcon. Giovanna's husband falls ill and dies. She visits her country estates, that happens to be near Federigo's farm, with her son out of loneliness. They visit him once in awhile, and the son develops a wanting for his falcon. When the son falls ill, he tells his mother that he might get better if he had his falcon. Giovanna has dinner with Federigo. He goes into a panic because he has no food that is worthy for such a good lady, so he kills and cooks his falcon for her. She does not know this. When she requests for the falcon, he only weeps and gives her the beak, feet, and feathers of his dearest companion. The son dies. When Giovanna is pestered into re-marrying , she decides that she wants Federigo. Her brothers teaze her, but she tells them: "My brothers, I am well aware of what you say, but I would rather have a man who lacks money than money that lacks a man.” They become married and live together happily.

Literary Value
The Black Plague was present in this time period. The works of Giovanni Boccaccio was a huge inspiration to Italian literature at the time. Boccaccio was a Renaissance man and wrote several collections of his stories and poems. Boccaccio’s work in Florence was very important to early humanism. "Federigo's Falcon" and the other stories in The Decameron's wide range of themes in life (such as tragic and comedic) influenced a new kind of writing style all over Europe.


Boccaccio, Giovanni. "Federigo's Falcon." Applebee, Arthur et.al. The Language of Literature. Evanston, Illinois: McDougal Littell, 2006. 784-790. Print.
The author of Federigo's Falcon is Giovanni Boccaccio

Gianni was born in 1313 in Paris, France

Giovanni died 1375 in Tuscany (Italy)

His father had always wanted him to become a poliician or something of the sort and discouraged his son's dreams to become a writer

After getting help from a friend and trying out the jobs that his father wanted, he decided to write and not listen to his dad.

He wrote this story as part of his big work of literature, the Decameron

The Decamoron was one of his literatures that he is most famous for and is considered to be his masterpiece.
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