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All You Ever Wanted to Know About DNA

see title

Kristine Saja

on 27 July 2010

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Transcript of All You Ever Wanted to Know About DNA

All you ever wanted to know and more! Your body & soul book is called A GENOME. This book is the code of you! Everything that makes you you can be found in the book THE GENOME. Your book GENOME is divided into chapters called CHROMOSOMES. Chromosomes are coiled DNA. Each CHROMOSOME chapter contains stories called GENES. GENES are what create every different part of you. You have hundreds of thousands of GENES. Within each GENE story in a CHROMOSOME chapter are paragraphs called CODONS. These paragraphs contain words words written in letters called BASES. Facts about the book GENOME:
the book GENOME is written in three letter words using a four letter alphabet.
these letters are A, C, G, and T
These letters are written on long chains of sugar and phosphates called DNA MOLECULES

The GENOME is a smart book. It can photocopy and read itself! This photocopying is called replication. The reading is called translation. The reason why the GENOME is such a smart book is because it's made of four bases that pair with each other. The bases A and T pair with each other. They spell AT.
The bases G and C pair with each other. They remind you of GuaComole which we can call GuaC to help us remember. Here are the steps to make a human out of DNA. 1. Your body needs to make a protein to help out your immune system. 2. Since your body doesn't need all the information contained in a DNA molecule, it's going to send a special chemical called RNA to copy the code for only the immune gene your body needs. 3. The RNA reads the DNA's code andtranslates it into its own language. The reason this happens is so that the RNA cannot mix with DNA. How the RNA protects itself is by making the A's into U's. The DNA doesn't know what U means, so it's a one-way process. DNA is made of sugar & phosphorus chains. 4. The MESSENGER RNA carries the gene's info in a single strand. TRANSFER RNA moves along the M-RNA chain and downloads the codes from the RNA in 3-letter combos. These 3-letter codes are called CODONS. Each code is
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