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passion project on Alexander fleming

No description

cristian popescu

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of passion project on Alexander fleming

Passion Project
Passion Project on Alexander Fleming
Sir Alexander Fleming was the first person to discover penicillin.
Who was Alexander Fleming
Alexander Fleming was a Scottish biologist . He wrote many article about bacteria and other medicines. He was best known for discovering penicillin.
Early life and Education
Alexander Fleming was the third oldest in his family of 4 kids and 2 adults. He graduated in 1906. Fleming helped in battle ships hospitals in France during World War l
Who influenced Alexander and how ?
Almroth Wright was one of Fleming mentors he asked Fleming to still stay at the hospital after graduating. Wright was the one who kept Fleming interested in medical work.
What is lysocyme
lysocyme was a antibiotic that was named penicillin. Penicillin was a mold that used to cure people and you can make medicine.
How did Alexander discover penicillin?
How does penicillin work on germs
Penicillin goes into your body to kill the germs but there are some side effects like dizziness, vomiting and sickness

How did Alexander find penicillin?
Alexander discovered penicillin by working in his lab and mixing molds together then he went on a holiday and when he came back he found out that the mold did not rise that means it was full of penicillium mold so that is how he found penicillin.
Before he left Fleming left a pile of dishes on his desk at st Mary's hospital. when he got back he was sorting to determine which mold can be reused to make the miracle drug.
What penicillin does
it goes into your body and eliminates the bacteria that make you sick. in a olden days there was sick he had a eye problem so Alexander and his team tested penicillin on him first it worked but when it ran out so he died. but then started the era of medicine
How does the human immune system work
there is many microscopic creatures that are the immune system they protect your body from viruses, toxins and germs
What are the ingredients penicillin needs
blue cheese but with penicillium mold.
moldy bread.
penicillium mold on a lemon.
penicillium mold growing on a orange.
This is a picture of the human immune system
Personal information
Born: August 6 1881

Death: march 11 1955

London: he moved to London when he was 13

Nobel prize: he won the Nobel prize 1945
Where i got my information from.




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