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Prezi Ambassador

Ohemaa Boateng

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Prezume

Ohemaa Boateng's Prezume

I currently attend Sheridan College and I am graduating with 4.0/4.0 GPA with the Early Childhood Education Program.

This September, I will be starting my first year attending York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My major is Criminology in the Liberal Arts and Professional Studies field. I anticipate that I will graduate in June 2016.

Hi my name is
Ohemaa Boateng!! Campus Activities
Brain Food : I was responsible for bring awareness on nutritious snacks, promote healthy eating habits, promote the spots on campus that provide health meals and handing out free fruits to the student body to ensure that get their nutrients do do their mid-term exams Movember Fundraiser: I was responsible for collecting donations and getting students and faculty to sign up with their team to also collect money for prostate cancer awareness in men Sheridan Swag Street Team Member: I was responsible promoting and raising upcoming events by attracting Sheridan students to come donate money and spin the wheel with win prizes Safe Sex Week: I was responsible for bringing awareness on safe sex practices to the student body on the week of Valentines day as wells getting students, who were single or wanted to network, to sign up for the Speed Dating Event Note: These events on-campus activities occurred when I attended Sheridan College but I have every intention in becoming part of York University on campus events and activities to take and develop my role leadership, like I did at Sheridan College. Contact Information Email: abenaboateng@hotmail.com Skype: abenaboateng5

Phone Number: 416-553-1005 Facebook: Abena Boateng / abenaboateng@hotmail.com Work Experience
2012 - Present Early Childhood Educator
for Burnhamthorpe Public School
Brampton Civic Hospital
B.F. Toronto Centre for Early Childhood

2011 - 2012 Credit Service Agent
for CapitalOne

2008 - 2011 Customer Service Representative
for Rogers,
Western Union Campaign

I believe I will be the best
ambassador for my campus because I am a
social person that loves meeting and getting to new
people. So putting myself out there as an Prezi Ambassador does not make me uncomfortable, in fact I enjoy it.

It would be a great way to get to the people at the campus I will soon be attending at and showing them an innovative way to present their new ideas and assignments using Prezi

I believe the Prezi value, we help people share ideas is important because everyone is constantly sharing their thoughts and with Prezi, it can take a simple an idea and bring it to life to be shared, understood, inspiring and entertaining to
others around the world. Action Steps 1) Word Of Mouth
2) Use Prezi to present my
projects for my classes
3) Refer my peers the Prezi
website and hold tutorials
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