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Elements of the plot of Iqbal

No description

molly noel

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Elements of the plot of Iqbal

Elements of the plot of Iqbal
Fatima is a girl who works at a carpet shop in pakistan to pay off her parents debt. she has been working for a long time and she never seems to make enough rupees to pay of the dept.
Rising Action
A new kid named Iqbal comes to the carpet shop. Hussain says that his past masters did not want him because he is Disrespectful. Iqbal keeps being annoying.
Hussain gets beyond mad when Iqbal cuts a very complicated run infront of forien buyers. Hussain throws him into the tomb because of this. After being released and put back Iqbal runs away for the second time he succsesfuly gets everyone freed.
Falling action and resolution
Iqbal runs to the bonded labor liberation front of pakistan and gets everone out. He wins an award and gives many speeches to help make people aware of the kids who are slaves.
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