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Stages of Stream Development

No description

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Stages of Stream Development

Stages of Stream Development

Stages of Stream Development
Stages of Stream Development
Stages of Stream Development
There are three stages of stream development. The names are young streams, mature streams, and old streams. Although stream development is classified as young, mature, and old the age does not have anything to do with the classification. It is the streams condition and livelihood.
Young Stream
flows very rapidly
are usually located on a steep valley that has steep sides
may have whitewater rapids and waterfalls
Mature Stream
flow less swiftly than a young stream
located in a valley
water in it's shallow areas is slowed down by friction caused at the bottom of a river
Stages of Stream Development
Old Stream
flows slowly
located on a broad flat floodplain that is carved
an example of a old stream is the lower Mississippi River
By: Marie Moore, Madison Chambers, and Clayton Wood

Stages of Stream Development
True or False
1. An old stream is swift moving.
2. A young stream meanders.
3. There are three types of stream development.
4. A young stream is usually located on a valley.
Stages of Stream Development
Fun Facts:
the lower Mississippi River is an example of a old stream, however the top part is a mature stream
rivers can change stream development classification as the river goes on
the Chattahoochee river, one of Georgia's main rivers is a mature river
the Saint Lawrence River is a mature river that runs through Canada and the U.S, it flows from Lake Ontario to the Atlantic ocean
some of the long rivers can start out as young rivers and work their way down to old, most rivers are mature though
the Danube River which runs through Europe is an example of a mature river
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