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No description

Aral Abdik

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of DEADPOOL

Weapon x the name of military experiment programe could treatment to Wade's cancer. His cancer could not cure by normal ways so the scientists tried to a different way so scientists added Wolverine's therapeutic factor to Wade. Finally he overcame cacer and this was his first posthuman ability ;regeneration.
Deadpool is the best hero I thınk because he nerver gives up and also nobody suppport to Deapool for exemple making a plan, reliability... I think Deadpool tries to prove his ability to his friends. In my opinion Deadpool is the best hero ever.
His real name is Wade Wintson Wilson. His early life is nearly unkown. His mother was died for cancer while he was young and his father was physically abusive. Wade was a deliquent in his teenage years, possibly to spite his father. However one night while drinking with his friends his father attempt to take him out of the club one of his friends stole Wade's Fathers handgun and killed him so Wade
began his mercenery career while still in his late teens.

Death wants to Deadpool. And Deadpool
wants to her but Deadpool can't die because of his aility. Because of this reson Deadpool always push his limits but he is absolutely immortal. And also God Thanos loves Death so God Thanos has cused Deadpool, its immortality.
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