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Diversity and Inclusivness

Group Presentation- Chapter 4

Stephanie Miller

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Diversity and Inclusivness

Grappling with Familial and
Social Influences on Identity Hello! Tying It All Together Approximately how many people are there in the world?

How many known languages are spoken? James, Carl. Seeing Ourselves. Pg. 94 Figure 4.1- Factors that Shape Human Behaviour Power of a Dream-
Multicultural Education Fitting In: Coping with Difference Maggie, Melissa, Stephanie Challenge: How many languages can we say hello in? Growing Up: The Role of Family and Community What are some factors that affect human behaviour? Chapter 4 In this chapter, we will orient the discussion of identity to explore how the culture of society - as communicated through family, educational, and community institutions - structures our identities, values attitudes, behaviors, and so on. Definitions:

Upbringing --> The treatments and instruction received by a child from its parents throughout its childhood

Narrow-minded --> A person or persons lacking tolerance or flexibility; non receptive to new ideas The Girl with the Pinhead Parents Racism Is Hate
Hate Is A Learned Behavior Bibliography

www.wilderdom.com- useful website to access games, activities and ice beakers for ideas to create an excepting environment in our classrooms

Video: How Racist Are You? Part 1&2 Jane Elliot brown eye-blue eye experiment is a great video for college instructors to see the multiple views, the ignorance of discrimination and how conflicts can arise

Video: Power of a Dream is more of an inspiring clip to making dreams come true

www.unesco.org- United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization which would be a useful tool for instructors to access videos and conventions on cultural issues,book shop and library, statistics from 200 countries, world heritage and much more

Sharon Conway- 10+ years of experience going into classrooms and working with teachers, showing them innovative ways to incorporate Aboriginal culture into the classroom About School: The Role of the Education System
Some ideas as teachers or instructors to help students learn how to interact in culturally diverse environments? eg. Use a globe or map to let students show the country where they came from
Games or activities which could be useful in getting to know one another? eg. The story of your name game
Suggestions of guest speakers from various cultures to share their experiences with your students? eg. Chief Clarence Louie
Some ideas to incorporate seasonal holidays or cultural events from different origins and discuss how and why they are celebrated. eg. Chinese New Year
"Remember the most important note for making a classroom diverse is an acceptance of differences and keep an open mind" Diversity Chat A student created a video inspired by his teacher Dr.Teresa Rishel at Kent State University. Thoughts, questions and issues the world faces today, especially in education. How to Create an Excepting Environment in our Classrooms Where do I belong? Where do I fit in? What does it mean to be a racial or ethnic minority in Canada?

Definition- To feel that you belong to a particular group and are accepted by them (Cambridge Online Dictionary)
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