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Vermont AM

No description


on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Vermont AM

Vermont AM
Economic Location
Historic Location

Old constitution house
Its in Winsor Vermont. This is where
they keep the Vermont Constitution. Its just like a museum because
everybody comes to look at it.
Geographic Location
Political Location
Vermont State house
Fun Place
Fun Facts
Vermont's Economy
Vermont's History
Vermont's Geography
Vermont's Government
Road Trip Distance
first state to ban slavery
Vermont is the 14th state
Capital of Vermont Montpelier
Population 580,000
Vermont has the most dairy cows
in the country
More Fun Facts
Vermont is known for maple syrup
Vermont has the second least people
Vermont has the least number of crimes
Vermont is 160 miles long and 80 miles wide.
Vermont is the second largest state in New England
traditional way to get maple syrup
This is our prezi about Vermont
Vermont Greenhouse
Coolidge State Park
Stowe Ski Resort
Ben and Jerrys ice cream parlor
Dairy Farming
Roadside stands


Making maple syrup
civil war area
Revolutionary war area
Vermont is
thought to be Jaquez cartier
Samuel de Champlain discovered
Lake Champlain
Captain Jacabus dew arm
discovered chimney point
Vermont became a state on March
4th 1791
Vermont's government Peter Shumlin
Its called the Green Mountain State because all the mountains are green
People come from all the world just to see the scenery
everybody in Vermont goes there to look at the crops.
Its in Addison County.
There are trees all

greenhouse.Everyone goes here

A lot of people hike on Coolidge
State Park mountain. The views are breathtaking.The park is named after Calvin Coolidge

Vermont state house is in Montpelier. Vermont State house looks just like the white house. In the State house there is a
Stowe ski resort is in Stowe, Vermont.
Stowe ski resort is a popular place to ski. Vermont makes most of there money by skiing.
Vermont greenhouse to old

constitution house is 48 miles. Old constitution house Coolige State Park is 12 miles. Coolige State Park to Vermont State House is 42 miles. Vermont State House to Stowe Ski Resort is 18 miles. Stowe Ski Resort to WCE is 1,920 miles. All of that added up is 2,040 miles.
This is the end of our prezi
around the

He makes announcements at the house of representatives
The mountains can be over
3,500 feet high.
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