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Mars One

Mars One

Thomas Theissier

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Mars One

The first mission to Mars Mars one Overview 1. Mission presentation

2. Financing

3. Why go back ? Mission presentation 1) Human on mars
in 2023 2) The Plan Human on Mars in 2023 Project led by Bas Lansdorp.

Human settlement on Mars to discover a new planet.

Why do this ?
-> Inspire people.
-> Discover a new planet.
->Create a worldwide enthusiasm. The Plan 2016 2018 2020 2022 2024 January 2016 : Launch of the first mission.
-> Communication satellite.
-> Supplies. 2018: Arrival of the first rover.
-> Find the best location for the settlement. 2020: Settlements components.
-> 2 living units.
-> 2 life support units.
-> 2nd rover. September 2022 : Crew departure.
-> Arrival in April 2023. September 2024: 2nd Crew departure. Financing 1) How much does it cost ? 2) How is it financed ? How much does it cost ? How is it financed ? Finance by involving the whole planet.

A Reality TV Show.

Everybody can apply.

Allow the audience to select the crew.

Broadcast the training and the discovery of Mars. First crew : 6 billion US$

Second crew : 4 billion US$

In comparison:

The Olympics games of London : revenue 3-4 billion US$ Question : Could you apply for such an adventure ? No coming back mission As we said it is a no return journey.

It implies a lot of questions… DEBATE : Could we broadcast everything?
Do you think it could turn as a bad science fiction movie?
Do you think they could allowed the crew to have children on Mars? Thank you very much for your attention. 3) Video
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