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Life of Tiffany

No description

Tiffany Williams

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Life of Tiffany

Tiffany Williams
Born june 15 1993, in Thorton CO.
Birth - 18 months Preschool Elementry school
High school Mom had a big impact on me. I was born, started walking, and talking. My brother was my friend My parents had an impact on me, maybe friends and teachers. I begain to learned to read and write. A girl in my class used to always bite me at school I liked to make people laugh but I was kind of shy. I feared things like the dark and monsters. My best friend was steven My friends and my brother had impact on me. Parents devorced. Mom got re-married. I like to be adventurous. I feared losing the people I love. Friends were Cody, Shane, Gena, and my step brother Bryce. Obama became president. Gas prizes are almost $3. Swine flu became big. Genevie and Warren had a big impact on mylife. I had my daughter. I am usually a positive person. I fear failure and losing the people I love. I want to graduate and go to UNC My friends are Genevieve, Tony, Jayme, Alex, and Warren. President Bush was realected. Bill Clinton was President. Tittanic became popular. I was a happy baby. I liked to smile and laugh. And not a whole lot mattered to me. Bill Clinton was president.
Jurassic Park was made. A big moment in this time was being born =] My niece was born and I became an aunt. Started dieing my hair.
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