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Strategic Management

Presentation for Strategic Management, Business Simulation Game, Group F - FOOTY

Abhas Gupta

on 23 July 2011

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Transcript of Strategic Management

Strategic Management Business Strategy Game Group 'F' - FOOTY Vision - Mission Strategic Objectives What we did well What we didn't do well What we could've done better What we learnt To become a world leader in the footwear industry. Being a company that our shareholders, customers, and society desire. To achieve this, the company strives to provide quality products at an affordable price, translating into value-for-money. How we Performed Net Revenue Earnings Per Share Return on Investment (%) Share Price Movement Market Share $10.73 33% $199 $491 m 8.79% Overall Rank Low production costs Higher S/Q rating than industry standard Good Retailer support Failed to further expand plant capacity Excessive marketing expenditure reducing profitability Mostly ignored the Private-Label operations High selling costs reduced ROE Be flexible Low number of models - 200 or less Account for the variable elements - Exchange Rate fluctuation Improved the number of models offered Reduced selling expenditure, thus higher profits Purchased or built additional capacity in existing plants around year 17 Industry 114 Full Capacity Utilization (120%) Worker Productivity Any well planned Strategy works if implemented properly Internet Wholesale Private Label Production Finance Don't be too predictable EPS: $6.00 ROE: 20% Share Price: $70 Credit Rating: A- Image Rating: 75 Consistent Performer Focus!!! In all regions Not excessively low prices High retailers High advertising Less than average prices Not very active in Private Labels Only when excess capacity available High Productivity Low Cost per unit Economies of scale Low Debt Issued Equity when cash was needed, bought it back when excess cash available Thank You Questions? Real Life Applications Capital Management - Effect on EPS/ROE Managing Exchange Rate risk Monitor Financial Ratios Strategies
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