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Caesar's English II Lessons 11 & 12

No description

Sierra Benton

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Caesar's English II Lessons 11 & 12

Lessons 11 & 12 Caesar's English II impassive rupt trans adj., expressionless,
without emotion break across curr run migr wander obsequious adj., cringing, submissive acquiescence noun, passive
compliance ignominy noun, disgrace grat pleasing impending adj., about to happen As in...gratification, ingratiate, gratuitous As in...current, recur, incur As in...transfer, transfusion, transcendent As in...migrate, migratory, transmigration abrupt, corrupt, disrupt The obsequious employee
never disagreed with his
boss. The disruptive student suffered the ignominy of having to sit in the corner. The children obeyed the teacher with acquiescence. Spock is impassive and relies on logic, not emotion. The three passengers had a sense of impending doom as they drove into the tornado.
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