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Creating A Great Workplace

No description

Kari Lawry

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Creating A Great Workplace

Help You Help Us
"Spread the knowledge"
All presentations and key notes are on the O Drive:
Creating A Great Workplace
Great Place To Work Conference 2015
Things that made me go hmmm....
Early Adopters
The Chasm
What is Next?
"Keep in front of the pack"
Sunrise 2 mile walk/5 K run
Theme - Its personal not "Perk-onal"
Name tags with agenda on back
Purpose statements & analytics were everywhere
Personalized workspace
It starts at the top
Amazing key notes:
Dick Costolo, CEO Twitter
Donna Hyland, CEO Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
David Lissy CEO & Danroy Henry Sr. CHRO Bright Horizons Family Solutions
Kevin Cleary, CEO Cliff Bar
Commit to one key development event a quarter
Broaden who we look to benchmark off of...Cheese Cake Factory? Cliff Bar?
Continue to focus on engagement & culture
Best presentation: The Future of Work: Creating the Ultmiate Employee Experience (Cisco)
A Year in the Life: New Employee Tracking
Yelp Managment: Star system for rating managers
Innovate! Communicate! Care!
Applications to Con-way & Our Team:
My Top Three things to do differently...
Concentrate on the holistic employee experience
Renewed commitment to focus on perspective, innovation and change management
Give "face"
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