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How to clean your room

No description

Steven Fraser

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of How to clean your room

Step 1:
Pick up clothes
As you are cleaning your room you are going to want to pick up any clothes lying around room.
Make your bed

Once your organized your bed is probably a mess! So how about making that a bit more neat like putting your pillows on your bed and blankets gently placed and NO WRINKLES!

Once you have picked up your clothes, you are to proceed and put them away and organize all of the items that you have.
Step 4:
Now your clothes and bed is in order. Now you want to get all fur ( if you have a dog), Dirt, or any other things that make your floor dirty etc.
You are almost finished with your room, but not quite. Yor drawers are probably very dusty so why dont you get rid of that by dusting your drawers.
That is how you clean your room.
Jason Rubino
How to clean your room!
Now this is a bed with no wrinkles!
Enjoy the show
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