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No description

Kate Vegas

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of SnapChat

Who invented Snapchat?
The Developers of Snapchat are SnapChat inc.
But the original Authors are,
Evan Spiegel
Bobby Murphy
Reggie Brown
Interesting about Snapchat
Researchers found 70% of snapchat users are woman
100 Million users share over 400 million snaps a day.
In the Us Snapchat is 10 on the Apple Store.
About 26% of snapchat users are 18-29 yr olds.
Images of SnapChat
History of SnapChat!
Snapchat was relesed on September 2011.
the original authers are Evan Spiengel, Bobby Merphy, and Reggie Brown.
Snapchat used to be called "Picaboo"
Evan Spiengel used snapchat as a project in class.
How is Snapchat used today?
I personally think snapchat is a good impact but somewhat bad for one reason.
Some people are obsessed with snapchat and try to takes pics all the time.
But I think it is good or just fun to tell your friends what your doing or feeling or whatever without even calling or texting them.
How has SnapChat evolved through time?
Snapchat logo
And you can add celebs
In May 2012, 25 images were sent per second.
In February 2012 snapchat was named Pickaboo and 2 months later was changed to snapchat.
In June 2013 an app was relesed called snapkids were for kids under 13
And in 2015 2 billion videos were send per day.
So there has been lots of new updates and today there are,,,
Face filters
Different speeds in videos
Local Stories
Stories from holidays all over the world.
You can call and video chat your friends.
Has Snapchat Impacted society in a good way or bad way?
Anything else bout Snapchat?
Well I've talked about most of the facts.
But if your new to snapchat you should get it and have fun!!
I really don't Know if ima still have Snapchat by the time im like 20 or 30. They might be lots of new social medias and better ones. I would say I would Probably use it once in a while.
WIll i use snapchat when i'm older?
My Favorite thing about Snapchat?
Snapchat is one of my favorite social medias and I love that you can have face things and looking at famous peoples Snaps too.
How often do I use Snapchat?
Believe me or not but I Love Snapchat so much I use it like 24/7. But I also use Musical.ly
Work cited
Works Cited
Costill, Albert. 25 Things You Didn't Know About Snapchat. 28 February 2014. 18 May 2016.
Wikipedia. Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia. 15 May 2016. 16 May 2016.
What do I think of Snpachat?
Well Right now I thing Snapchat is amazing, their has been many updates and I love every single one of them. I think they should keep it up. I would really love if you can upload photos doe, and maybe 1min long snaps. Than I wouldn't live without Snapchat.
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