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Hand Washing

No description

Ancy Abraham

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Hand Washing

Investigating Hand Washing
When Should We Wash Our Hands?
This is what your hands should look like
you wash them!
Healthy People 2020
During your childhood, you are going to use a lot of your skills! One of those skills is your motor skills—no, not like a car—but skills that have to do with your movement. A very important kind of movement that you need in order to wash your hands is to move your wrists and wiggle your fingers!

By using your special motor skills and the hand washing lesson, you will be ready to help create a safe environment in school, the community, and even at home!

Healthy People 2020
Programs are all around the community that can teach you about hand washing too! These programs help you learn how to avoid spreading germs to other people and places. And just like you, they are going to help improve health and make life better for everyone!

These programs can be anywhere—in schools, the doctor’s office, your parent’s work place, and all over the community! And the more you learn about hand washing and health, the more you can help make the community safer—so get involved!
Watch this video and find out!
Hand Washing for Elementary School-Aged Children
By: Ancy Abraham, Robert Bosillo, Jennifer Davis,
Erin Jones, Anna Nguyen, and Michelle Oyenekan

Jr. 1 Level, Fall 2014
University of Texas at Arlington
College of Nursing

This presentation was prepared as an assignment for N3333, Health Promotion Across the Lifespan.
This is what your hands look like
you wash them!
Germs Can Spread!
Just because you can't see the germs, doesn't mean they aren't there!
Every day, you touch germs on:
Your desk
The doorknob
The water faucet
The school bus seat
The water fountain, and even
Your lunch tray!
What Happens to Those Germs Once They're On Your Hands?
If you don't wash often or very well, you can spread those germs to:
Your classmates
Your teachers
Your brother or sister
The lunch lady, and
Your principal too!
Do you ever get a cough or a runny nose? Ever had a rotten tummy ache?

Chances are you felt that way because of a germ!

Germs can get inside your body and multiply whenever you eat, drink, or touch your face without washing your hands.
Germs can make you sick!
Germs Can Be Bacteria or Viruses.
Bacteria and viruses are little, tiny microorganisms that can only be seen with a microscope. Sometimes items like your crayon, your worksheet, or your favorite toy can have germs, even though they may look clean.
What are parasites? Parasites include things like pinworms. Pinworms live in your tummy and eat up your food. Yuck!
If you get their eggs on your hands and forget to wash, you can swallow them when you eat or drink!
Germs can also be parasites.
Now we're going to spray everyone's hands with a water bottle, but we'll pretend that the water is a bunch of germs.

Are your hands all wet? Good!
Now touch your desk, your pencil, your neighbor, or the chalkboard.
Did all of that stuff get wet too?
Sure it did! That's what happens when you touch people or things with germy hands. The germs spread!
Let's Take the Spray Bottle Challenge!
Wherever or whatever you touch, the germs travel too!
Do You Like a Good Squeaky Clean When You WASH Your HANDS?
Glo Germ Activity
How Can We Stop Germs from Making Us Sick?
Use warm water and scrub your hands with soap for AT LEAST 15 SECONDS.
How long is 15 seconds?
Sing the ABC's Song ONCE, or
Sing the Happy Birthday Song TWICE
Here's a Song to Help Us Remember the 8 Steps to Wash Our Hands!
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What Are We Going to Learn Today?
How, When, and Why We Wash Our Hands!

Our Goals:

Just because you don't see any germs on your hands, doesn't mean they aren't there. Use the Glo Germ lotion to see how many germs are really on your hands!
[Untitled photograph of children washing hands]. Retrieved October 2, 2014, from: http://i.thestreet.com/files//tsc/v2008/photo-gallery/breaking-news/swine-flu/kids-washing-hands.jpg

1) We will demonstrate all 8 steps to properly wash our hands.

2) We will identify at least 2 reasons why washing our hands is important for our health and well being.
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It's Important to Wash Our Hands:

Before eating food
After using the toilet
After we blow our nose, cough, or sneeze
After touching an animal/pet
After playing outside
So Remember...
Time for Q & A!
Q: Why Do We Wash Our Hands?
A: To prevent the spread of germs, and to keep ourselves and others healthy
Q: When Do We Wash Our Hands?
A: Before mealtime, after playing outside or with our pets, after using the bathroom, or after sneezing or coughing
Q: How Do We Wash Our Hands?
A: Just follow the 8 simple steps to make sure we wash away all the germs

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