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CSC Broward: Providing Positive Pathways for Children & Families

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CSC Broward

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of CSC Broward: Providing Positive Pathways for Children & Families

91% improved basic reading skills

87% improved basic math skills

81% of children improved reading and language development

99% of children improved their social interactions with teachers and with each other
Provide leadership, advocacy and resources necessary to enhance the lives of the children of Broward County and empower them to become responsible, productive adults through collaborative planning and funding of a continuum of services.
Where does funding go?
FY 2013-14, $62M to Programs
School Health
Over 108,000 clinic visits
provided at 40 schools

84% of youth returned to class

Health Care Access Committee

Data Sharing

Broward Children's Strategic Plan
Swim Central &
drowning Prevention
100% of children who participated
have not drowned 3 years after
program completion
(25K children in FY 2012-13)

145 BSO Child Investigations Referrals

100% of families identified from Water Safety did not experience a drowning incident within one year
Prevention: It works and...
$1,647 annual cost per youth for CSC Delinquency Diversion
$120,500 average annual cost of bed at Broward Regional Detention Center (2011-12)
Private Sector Jobs supported by CSC funding in FY 2012-13
Special Needs
Summer Jobs
Earned Income Tax Credit
Helps over 150,000 children
150 proven programs
a network of 100 providers
such as ARC Broward, Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Family Central, Hispanic Unity, Kids in Distress, Legal Aid of Broward County, Urban League of Broward County and many others.
FY 2012-13 Performance
$540 million additional in pockets of Broward County Residents since 2002

5,355 volunteer completed tax returns

Summer Youth Employment
FY 2012-13 Health and Safety Outcomes
Building Community Infrastructure to Grow Children
Kid Care
Increased enrollment
from 188,062 in FY 2011-12
196,813 in FY 2012-13 (5% increase)
CSC Health and Safety
Public Awareness & action
Look Before You Lock

Safe Sleep

Fetal Infant Mortality Review/
Community Action Group

144 Drowning Prevention
Public Service Announcements
Estimated Revenue FY 2013-14
Where are our Funded Programs?
Since 2002, 18,600 YOuth served; with 90-96% of youth not reoffending
Providing Positive Pathways for Children and Families
(IRS confirmed)
FY 2013-14
Maximizing Out of school Time
Elementary Afterschool
Middle School Afterschool
93% no new law violations

93% reduced risk factors

99% reported not using drugs or alcohol
21st Century
High School Afterschool

83% improved reading

80% improved math

83% improved science
"i want to be a leader and this program gives me an opportunity to develop the kinds of skills that will make it possible for me to be the master of my own success." - 21st century participant
Positive Behavior Support (PBS)
100% of centers increased in verbal and non-verbal interaction of teachers with children and children with children

100% of centers decreased red flags (including chaotic transitions, children being reprimanded or children not participating in groups)

97% of parents were satisfied with PBS services
Special Needs Population
General Population
Cradle to Career
Sept. 5, 2000
Prevention: It Pays

Dept. of
& Families
Child Advocates
Career Readiness

73% learned new work related skills

98% of employers were highly satisfied

92% maintained stable housing
Summer Youth Employment
Special Needs Summer Jobs
Transitional Independent Living (TIL)
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Contact Us


Visit us online
Follow us on social media
76% of Broward Voters voted in favor of reauthorizing the Children's Services Council
The Children's Services Council is composed of 11 members.
Six members are members by virtue of their position. Five members are appointed by the Governor.
Robin Bartleman
School Board Member
Judge Martin R. Dishowitz
Judicial Member
Beam Furr
Broward County Commission
Kim Gorsuch
Community Development Administrator, Circuit 17, DCF
Robert W. Runcie
Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Paula Thaqi
Health Department Director
Emilio Benitez
Governor Appointee
Elyse Claprood
Governor Appointee
Tara R. Philipp
Governor Appointee
Maria M. Schneider
Governor Appointee
Ana M. Valladares
Governor Appointee
What do we support?
FY 2013-14
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