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English - Education for Leisure Analysis

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Akshita Vibhakar

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of English - Education for Leisure Analysis

Education for Leisure

designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Carol Ann Duffy wrote the poem 'Education for Leisure' in the 1980s. She worked as a visiting poet in a school in the East End of London at the time, and relates the school's policy of exclusion of disruptive or difficult pupils with the political policies of the time.

Iron Lady's Britian.
Great social & political reform & upheaval.
Thatcher took on the powerful trade union movement and stripped them of their powers.
Caused social unrest (strikes)
20% high inflation
Extreme unemployment
Stanza 1
The speaker?
Evidence in the poem ahead shows psychotic behaviour.
The speaker has been ignored a lot and is retaliating now.
The speaker is most likely a young person who has had to drop out of school to face unemployment.
The speaker's gender has not been specified however we assume it is a boy in this analysis. This is because most likely only a boy would have issues with unemployment. Women at the time barely worked outside the house.
of being ignored. He is done with receiving no attention whatsoever & being treated like he doesn't matter. His response to this is to
He decides to
play God
today. This leaves the reader wondering which one of two things he means
-play God as in play the role of God & control things?
-play God as in 'mess with' God & still, control things?
The first line itself is very dramatic with the '

'. It has a bigger impact even more so with the one word line 'Anything'. It's a silent jab to the reader which leaves a sense of foreboding before barely beginning the poem.
The speaker's psychotic behaviour is also reflected in his thoughts as he uses personification in saying
boredom stirring
. He refers to the mundane with 'stirring' showing how different his perspective of things are.
Education for Leisure.

Ironic title as it means to convey that there will always continue to be leisure & sufficient time for it whereas the future does not look bright in terms of education. There just isn't enough time for education.
Stanza 2
Fly squashed
-small insect vs playing god
Reminding him of Shakespeare / parallel sudden thought shows a scattered mind
Caesura used Shakespeare -pact sudden train of thought
Another language
fly in another language
- dead.
Breath out talent ( talent cannot be breathed out) breath compared to air . Something endless, involuntary
Showing his egoistic impression of self
Delusive or narcissist
Playing god by killing

Stanza 3
Can you
the words?
Stanza 4

= Selfish, feels the need to bring himself up a lot, emphasise his super ego
• ‘
Down the bog
’ = bog is colloquial slang which can suggest that he has had a lack of education (main story behind the poem) and thus cannot even use proper language
• ‘Goldfish’ = small animals increase his importance + it is creating an image that the speaker is big and the animals are small which gives the idea that he can crush anything he wants = relates to him being either deluded or even a genius.
• ‘I pull the chain’ = short sentences which continue the short jabbing effect which is foreboding to the knife in the last stanza.
• ‘Once a fortnight’ = the speaker considered himself too important to go into town more often than once a fortnight to give out his
• ‘I walk 2 miles’ = he is desperate for attention, which can relate to his loneliness. Also the idea that he lives away from the town links into him feeling lonely and neglected. This could also bring in the tone/theme of isolation.
• ‘
They don’t appreciate my autograph
’ = he feels full of talent or thinks he has so much talent and that makes him wonder why nobody wants his autograph. Basically suggesting that he is the only one that sees his own talent because he did not have enough education in order to pursue his talent and show it to the world.
• ‘
The budgie is panicking
’ = He feels superior for creating fear but then this can link to him being deluded since he is only scaring a bird – no real significance of power or superiority.

Stanza 5
Perhaps he is
? There's nothing more to do or kill anymore to attract attention.

He tries to be creative by telling the RJ he's
talking to a superstar
but he gets cut off. He tried to be good, what the world wants. But yet again, he got ignored.
& thus, his
energy gets turned into
energy. He grabs the bread-knife instead.
The last line is slightly ambiguous and mysterious. We don't know why the pavements glitter. 2 options -
touch of the arm
could be killing someone or a cry for help. Him crying so much that the
pavement glitters
& he finally reaches out for help. OR. Him killing someone that the pavement is drenched in blood & he touches the person's arm, possibly to show him someone's there because he knows what it's like to feel when no one's there.

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