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ABC's of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

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Matt Gatzunis

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of ABC's of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

The ABC's of The Gilded Age and Progressive Era
By: Alec,Bryan and Matt A mendment, 13 freeing of the slaves. B ooker T. Washington, African American who believed education was key to civil rights. C hristopher Sholes, Invented the typewriter D awes Act, Removed Indians land from tribal possession. E F G H ugene Debs, Founded American Railroad Union. ederal Trade Commission, independent agency of the United States federal government that maintains free and fair competition.
rangean association, formed by farmers in the last 1800's to make life better for farmers. omestead act, gave 180 acres of public land to any farmers who farmed there for 5 years for a reasonable cost. I J K L da Wells. Urged African American's to protest by refusing to ride street cars or shopping at white owned stores. ane Adams, Founder of the Hull House. eating Owen Act, First Federal Law regulation child labor. ouis Sullivan De, Signed the 10 story Wainwright Building in St. Louis. M N O P arshall Field, First American department store in Chicago. etwork, sparked new railroads, making it easier to travel with goods. lover Hudson Kelley, Starter of Husbandry. rogressivism, political orientation of those who favor progress for a better society. Q R S T uarantine, to be isolated. ow house, house that is one of a row of identical houses situated side by side sharing walls. usan B. Anthony, social reformer who campaigned for women rights. riange Shirtwaist Fire, 146 woman were killed in burning building. U V W X pton Sinclair, Untied States writer whose novels argue social reform, wrote The Jungle. aundeville, variety shows. right Brothers, made the first successful airplane flight. ylophone, a musical instrument. Y Z ellow Pages, a telephone directory of businesses. Ja z, African American music with a forceful rhythm.
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