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Quotation Marks

How to use quotation marks in your writing

Nicole Kronzer

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Quotation Marks

Using Quotation Marks in your writing Quotation marks allow you to use another person's words in your own writing Mrs. Smith rushed into the store and said, "The neighbor's dog just ran out into the street!" Make sure to place the punctuation INSIDE of the closing quotation mark.
(It's a party! Everyone's invited!) Mrs. Smith knew the dog had "run out like a chicken with its head cut off" before. "He jus' about got hit by that Chevy," Mrs. Smith exclaimed, "but the driver saw him and swerved." "The driver told me," stated Mrs. Smith, "that 'next time the mutt won't be so lucky.'" When the material you are quoting is a complete sentence, begin and end with a quotation mark (") and capitalize the first letter of the sentence. 1 If your quote is not a complete sentence, but rather a fragment, do not begin with a capital letter. 2 If a quotation is cut off mid-sentence, do not capitalize the second part of the sentence. 3 If quoting within a quote, use single quotation marks (') to indicate the inner quote. 4 *information borrowed from Purdue OWL 5 When writing a story, hit ENTER and TAB
each time someone new starts talking. "Hi, Mom!" Mai Kia exclaimed, running down the path, arms and legs akimbo.
"Careful, honey," her mother warned, "or you're going to hurt yourself!"
Mai Kia slowed to a jog, but she couldn't contain her excitement completely. Now you! Write a short dialogue between
you and me.
Use correct punctuation, and
add a little narration around the dialogue.
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