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on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Romanian

The constitution of Romania provides for 2 basic types of members ,the minister and the prime minister. The prime minister gives the state minister special tasks. the state minister is the head of the rest.
How the Leader is Chosen
In Romania the president is elected by voting. He chooses the prime minister but if the parliament doesn't like the prime minister they have the power to reject.
The leaders
In Romania the leaders are the president Traian Basescu and the Prime minister Elin Bac. He tells the prime minister laws he wants and what to do and under order of the prime minister the state minister makes it happen. The prime minister may also create laws.
grade 5
Ms. Natalie
Traian Basescu
Traian Basescu was suspended in April 2007 and was reelected in Decembers run off against Mercea Geoara. He has earned wide international praise for paving the way to join the european union & his anti-corrupt drive.
Important Parts and Positions of Romanian Government
The prime minister is superior than the state minister but the president is superior than both of them.
How Laws are Made
The president suggest laws but the high court can veto it or accept
it. T
he high court can also create
laws itself.
Who works with the leader
Different Political Groups and if they Get Along
Romania is a multiple party system. Executive power is exercised by the government and the president
the function of the
head state.
There is a constitutional court and a parliament. They get along with each other.
Romanian government doesn't make you choose a religion so in other words you are free to choose your religion.
Strengths and Weakness of the Government.
Romania has a republican-democratic government. One strength is that people have a say in the government. Another strength is that People are free to choose there religion. one weakness is that not every one is paid the same so there are poorer people than others. This is also a strength because people can take advantage of being paid the same and not work hard on what they do leading the country to relying on other countries gifts. Another weakness is that people do not choose the prime minister the president does.
The End
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