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Myths & Legends: Synthesizing themes and conventions

teaches the synthesis of topic & theme and mythic conventions or the development of theme through these conventions

Ethan Hoeft

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Myths & Legends: Synthesizing themes and conventions

Synthesizing themes and conventions
Day 3
Myths & Legends
Today's Grammar
Prepositional Phrases
is not a noun
goes between two nouns
defines the relationship between
two nouns
prepositional phrase = preposition + (adjectives) + noun
He went, in the middle of the night, home.
In the middle of the night, he went home.
He went home, in the middle of the night.
Themes & Mythic Conventions
How do the conventions help the author
create a theme in his story?
The toolbox analogy
mythic conventions
How do I synthesize?
To combine parts into a whole we have to know
what the whole thing looks like.
what is the theme?
are there any extended metaphors?
is there a hero's task or quest?
does the story go in a circle?

mythic conventions help the author

"Sword in the Stone"
of the legend of King Arthur
Theme: sometimes there is just one person for the job
Hero's Task
Arthur successfully pulls the sword from the stone
If Arthur had not pulled the sword from the stone
he would not have been worthy for the job as king.

It was through completing his task that he proved his worthiness.

Without "hero's task" in this story. The theme of good character and worthiness would not have been developed.
Analyzing "Sword in the Stone"
Hero's Quest
Theseus successfully traveled from Athens to Crete,
slayed the minotaur, and returned home.
What was a theme from the myth of the Minotaur?
If Theseus had not successfully traveled to kill the minotaur, he would not have represented human reason's conquest over the savage nature of man.

Without the hero's quest in this story, the theme of "human reason vs. human barbaric-ness" would not have been developed.
Today's Grammar:

Text Evidence
Text Evidence
using a text as evidence to support your text
You don't even care about me, bro. You may have
mowed my lawn and swept my porch, but you
obviously don't even really care. I don't even think
it was that big a deal we all ditched you the other
night. We just got bored. We needed something
to do. You shouldn't take it so personally. And I'm
sorry I took that shirt. But Ima gonna give it back
some day or another anyway. I just don't see why you
need your car this weekend. You can just have your
mom take you to pick up your girl before prom. Its
not that big a deal, man. I gotta have them wheels, bro.
When you said that you didn't
think it was "a big deal we all
ditched you the other night"
you are simply admitting that
you are not a good friend because
good friends do not ditch friends
who are in need of help. This
is why I am not going to let you
use my car for prom.
When you suggest I "can just have [my] mom
take [me] to pick up [my] girl before prom" you are telling me that you deserve "them wheels," which are mine by the way, and that
I do not deserve them. It is not a good idea to roast the friend you are asking a favor of so don't ask me for something if you are just going to dis me.
You say that I "do not even care"
yet you admit I have "mowed [your]
lawn" and "swept your porch." This
just tells you how I have been a good
friend who DOES care and that you
are the friend who doesn't stick up
for me.
"A man is his sword"
Analyzing "The Life and Death of King Arthur
"A man is his sword" and a "good person always keeps their promise" shows up in the legend of King Arthur because he is constantly being compared to Excalibur. When his sword starts getting chipped and deflected he usually starts losing confidence.
If Arthur and his sword had not been written in a circle
the theme of the "warrior is his sword" and "a good man keeps his promise" would not have been completed.

Without the convention of "circle story" in the legend of King Arthur these two themes would not have been developed.
Analyzing "Clara Barton: Battlefield Nurse"
Clara Barton's oppression by Captain Neal takes place during the Civil War on the battlefield.
create a theme in the story.
Like Arthur begins as nothing and ends as nothing Excalibur his sword begins and ends in the hand of the lady of the lake.
Circle Storylines
A prepositional phrase is a phrase that starts with a preposition. It is never necessary to the sentence.
What is
Choice of Myths
Icarus & Daedalus
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