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Advance KC

Explaining AdvanceKC Eco Devo

Jason Hodges

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Advance KC

What if there was a better way? Meet Sly But Sly doesn't know KCMO's
economic development process Economic Development Projects: Please Stay On Path Kansas City Port Authority EDC TIF Commission LCRA EEZ DESA PIEA CDE EDC
Loan Corp Where does he go? What does he need? Whom should he contact? Who
him? Please Follow the Prescribed Economic Development
Project Path Project Complete? But why should the path to economic development be so confusing? What if someone could be your economic development Concierge What if someone would ensure economic development projects were in line with the City's priorities and were not being over incentivized? Welcome to... Creates a single point of entry. Combines all staff. Creates a direct deal flow process AdvanceKC Direct Deal Flow Process Project Entry Concierge
Assistance Staff
Review Submitted to
Statutory Agency
With Staff
Recommendation Council Review Project Completion AdvanceKC creates a
better economic development
experience for everyone while adhering to the vision of KCMO and protecting taxpayers. Welcome to... Imagine Sly is an innovative developer new to KCMO with an economic development project What if the combined staff was focused on customer service? Hi Sly, how
can I help
project today? Welcome to
the EDC. How
can I help
you today? Hi Sly! Let me help you
find the
right person
for your project. What if all the economic development
agencies were housed together EDC TIF Commission LCRA The Port Authority EEZ DESA CDE EDC
Corp PIEA Creating a single point of entry What if the economic development
path was simple and direct? Please Follow the Prescribed
Economic Development Path PROJECT
COMPLETE! Are you ready to go our way? Urban Land Use and Revitalization Innovation and Entrepreneurship Striving to Advance KC in......... Arts and Leisure Business Climate Connectivity and Connection Infrastructure Development Mobility Public Safety Talent Development and Education Target Sector Support Are You Gonne Go My Way
Lenny Kravitz, 1993
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