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Comic books

No description

Jasmine Silver

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Comic books

Comics: Popular Promotive Pals
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
In The End . . .
Funnies on Parade
Escapist Entertainment
American Comics
War Exchange Conservation Act
The Golden Age of Comic Books
Created by Jerry Siegel and Toronto-born Joe Shuster in 1938
First superhero to ever be created
Published in America
Imported to Canada from America until December 1940
War Exchange Conservation Act prohibited the importation of Action Comics to Canada
Nelvana of the
Northern Lights
First appeared in Triumph-Adventure Comics #1 in June of 1941
Created by Adrian Dingle
First North American female superhero created in Canada
Better known as Alana North
She is a demigoddess
Her enemies include: Hitler, Ether People,Queen of Statica and others
Johnny Canuck: Propaganda
Canadian Soldier
Air force captain
Secret agent
Fought on the front line
Second national Canadian hero
Mimicking Canadian War Efforts
Popular Comic Book/ Character
Advertised to children through comic books resulted in children becoming more interested in the military and the war
Inspired Vancouver Canucks' team name
Canada's Superhero
Parents were buying the comics for the children so there was parental support as well as child support
Fought in many air raids
Fought German and Japanese characters
Represented Canadians in their fight against nazi Germany
- so the fights he had in the comics reflected who Canadians were actually fighting in the war
Military air force uniform which is similar to Canadian uniform
Publishing Companies Were Thriving
Four Major Publishing Companies
Bell Features
- Created in 1939 and closed in 1953
- Most prosperous Canadian comic book publishing company
- Published Dime Comics, Triumph Comics, and many more
- Publisher of Johnny Canuck and Nelvana of the Northern

Hillborough Studios
- Created in August 1941 by Adrian Dingle and went bankrupt in
February 1942
- Published 6 issues of Triumph-Adventure Comics and 1 issue
of Top Flight Comics

The creations of superheroes, characters and comic books was a thrill for Canadians and gave them something to look up to.

The creation of Johnny Canuck helped the government with propaganda.
Canadian publishing companies were created and expanded.
Comic books had a social, political, and economic impact on Canada during the end of the great depression, and world war 2.
Hillborough Studios merged with Bell Features in 1942
In 1943 Bell Features was selling 100,000+ comics per week
20 Different Canadian comic book titles printed on a weekly basis
50+ freelance artists had a hand in the illustrations of Bell Features comic books
- Comic books went on magazine stands
in March of 1941
- Published Robin Hood and Company, Grand
Slam Comics, Three Aces Comics
and more

Maple-Leaf Publishing
- Comic books went on magazine stands in
March of 1941
- Published Better Comics, Lucky Comics, Rocket
Comics, and others
Four Major Publishing Companies Continued
Economic Prosper
Canadian Superheroes, Characters & Comics
Adrian Dingle
Ties to Pals
Canadian Superheroes, Characters & Comics
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Publishing Companies Were Thriving
Ties to Popularity
Nelvana was the first true Canadian Superhero
Comic books demonstrated Canada's creativity and imagination
Canadian Children enjoyed homegrown comic books
Comics contained Canadian content
Trading comics was popular
Escapist entertainment
Profits stayed within Canada
Publishing companies were created in Canada due to high demand of comic books
Employed many people
Affected income of other businesses
Provided Canada with entertainment
Canada's society, government and economy were largely affected by comic books throughout World War Two and the end of the Great Depression
Johnny Canuck was an influential character
Superman was the most popular comic book
Comic book publishers were large and profitable industry
Comic books remain very popular
By: Jasmine Silver
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