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for presentation Mr. Peter

Wawaa Sylvia

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Research

CHAPTER IV Development of English Reading Skill By Using Cartoon Book 049042 : RESEARCH APPLICATIONS FOR PROBLEM SOLVING Rationale
and Background Objectives
of the Study Research Questions 1 2 Scope of the Study 3 4 Hypothesis 5 6 Definitions of Terms 7 Significance of The study CHAPTER I
INTRODUCTION The globalization era has enforced students to have 21st century skills. Students have to be able to obtain communication and critical thinking skills. Therefore, students need to be sophisticated in expressing ideas using multiple communication technologies, not just the written word. To develop learning activities in English
To develop the learning achievement of students in English with cartoon book
To improve the students’ reading skill The students that are in grade 4 at primary demonstration school in Khon-Kaen University on semester 2 academic year 2012. The content for using in this research is analyzed form indicators, substance of learning. Using comic book can develop reading skill more than normal book in class " Does the cartoon book help the students enhance their reading skill? " The cartoon book is a short story, use language to understand easily, has pictures and has concept in the end.
The students refer to the students grade4 that study in Demonstration school
Reading Skill refers the ability to interpret the details, compelling importance, and conclude the reading which measured by the reading before and experimental researchers in the latter. As guideline to bring cartoon book to use in teaching reading, and to develop teaching of English be more effective.

As guideline to develop and improve the learning activities order to improve the students’ English reading skill by using cartoon book with other class. Cartoon Book Reading Skill CHAPTER II LITERATURE REVIEW Giunta (2010) accurately explains that humor, such as found in cartoons and comics, is an important factor for making learning an enjoyable and, more importantly, memorable experience. Moreover, the activities in the teaching and learning process using cartoons and comics are interesting and interactive for the students. Related Research Oliveri (2007:2) explains that children can learn to analyze cartoons, look for subtleties beneath the surface of familiar situations, and gain a better understanding of symbolism, satire, and humor. This section provides a brief overview of typical reading development as a reminder to readers about how students progress through the reading process. It will help us understand the steps in the progression to effective reading and provide a foundation for identifying similarities and differences in learning patterns for students with moderate disabilities. The discussion is organized around three stages: pre-reading, learning to read, and reading to learn. The overview draws on models of reading development by Jeanne Chall, Linnea Ehri, Louise Spear-Swerling, and Robert J. Sternberg. Teachers who want more details on these models can use the references for these authors beginning on page 33 as a source for more information. Population and Samples The 34 students in grade 4 that study at
demonstration school in Khon Kaen University on 2 semester
academic year 2012 CHAPTER III
RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Design Research Instrument - Cartoon Book
- Exercise
- Test
- Lesson Plan Our research is an action research bring the theories and methods follow the idea’s Kemmis consist of planning, Action, observation and reflection for using in class. Research Procedures /
Data Collection Plan
1. Study the problem instruction of the students in the Demonstration school
2. study the related research and the documents about learning activity by using cartoon book.
3. Create the tools. Act
The researchers set he lesson plan for teaching in class to develop English reading skill of Grade 4 in Demonstration school Observe
The researchers observe the changing in class while the researcher is teaching in class by using the assessment English skill form. Reflect
The researcher brings the documents in steps 3 to study and analyze to reflect the result the teaching of teacher and students to improve in next teaching. Data analysis
In cartoon book the students have more interested and concentration in cartoon book. They have the high scores when the researcher takes the test form to them.
Normal book has not the interest to improve their English reading skill. So, It makes the students has the lower point and not interested in English reading skill. Conclusion
Bring this information from the assessment form thus;
- English reading skill assessment form
- English reading skill achievement form
The students have to pass the criterion in 70% out of 100% and find out the amount of the students that pass the criterion in 70% out of 34 students in class. Porter (2008:7) mentions that one of the media used in teaching that engage the students in using their multiple modalities are cartoons and comics. The visual images in cartoons and comics help encourage students to observe and analyze the situation. Moreover, they also help the students to understand the situation told within the cartoons and comics more easily. Barker (2009) clearly explains that the best way to keep the students interested and engaged in lessons is by making them interactive. Additionally, adapting comics and cartoons into classroom with correct and applicable activities can encourage students’ observational, analytical, and higher thinking skills. RESEARCH RESULT GROUP 4; KAN 454-0. MAN 463-9, WAWA 483-3, and LUCKY 507-5 Preparation of research instrument
Researchers have created tools for the study that were divided into two parts that consists of tools that are used for test operating lesson plan about 2 plan and cartoon book that used as media help teaching in plan about 1 story, and the exercise at the end of cartoon book The implementation before operating experiment The results of development of reading skills in English by using cartoon book APPENDICES
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