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El Paso County Public Health

on 10 April 2017

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Transcript of EH_Division_Goals_2017

PH Goal:
Decrease disease burden and increase long-term health of EPC residents
PH Goal:
Protect environmental quality in EPC
What do we do here?
Image by Tom Mooring
PH Goal:
Reduce communicable disease incidence and prevent outbreaks in EPC
EH Division Performance Reporting: 2017
EH Programs That Help Meet This Goal:
Retail Food Safety Program
Body Art Safety Program
EH Programs That Help Meet This Goal:

Water Recreation
Child Care
School Safety
EH Program That Helps Meet This Goal:
EPCPH Mission:
to promote and protect public health and environmental quality in the community through people, prevention and partnerships
Environmental Health is a CORE public health service. We have a critical role in protecting the public's health.
Why We "Do" Public Health
Why We "Do" Public Health
Why We "Do" Public Health
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