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When do kids become adults?

No description

Tiffany Burks

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of When do kids become adults?

When do kids become adults?
Raye Fairrington

kids become adults when they turn 21!
When a person turns 21 they legally have all of there rights and has to take care of him or her self. So in that case i think the legal age is 21.
My reason for that is because a 21 year old has all of the legal rights of a 40 year old and has as many responsibilities as one to such as .
21 year old males\femals all have the rights and liberties of any citizen in america so are then yet qualified to be and adult.
Some scientific research states that in some cases age doesnt matter but in my case and in my mind age is what makes you an adult.
21 year olds average pie chart
21 is the age were you are your own person and have all of your rights as an adult.
One the other hand some people say that age doesnt matter but the maturity and if the brain has fuly developed or not
brian chart
most 21 year olds have as many responsibilities as any other american they are not children no more they are adults and work to help their families.
Just about any work place has a couple of 21 year olds that do just as much work or more work than the other more grown workers
21 year old working construction.
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