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on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Missouri

*capital Jefferson city
*state abbreviation MO
*state Representative's 163
*us senators Roy blunt and Caire mccaskill
*counties 114
*in 1812 Missouri became us Territory
*2000 governor Mel Carnahahan is killed in a plane crash
*2011tornado hits and kills more than 150 people
*1965 the gateway arch is completed
*Missouri transports many things by ship
*Missouri has a lot of manufacturing
*Missouri's factory's are located in the middle of a town
*Missouri's factory's are split into two city's

*Around 5,000 caves can be found in Missouri
*The caves have stalactites and stalagmites
*Missouri is the 21st largest state
*Missouri is 69,709 square miles
Missouri state song

by:charlie dorado
Economic location
political location
Jefferson city
*St.louis makes ll billion dollars off of there factory's
*they have 21,000 workers that work for there factory's
*St.louis is the city that has the highest GMP

capital of Missouri is Jefferson city
*the capital rises 238 feet above the ground
*on the very top of the capital building there is a bronze statue of ceres
*the building was designed by Tracy and Swartwort that came from NewYork

fun location
Ripley s odditorium
historic location
Gate way arch

*it was completed in 1965
*it stands at 630 feet witch makes it the highest monument in the united states
*it weighs 17,246 tons
*in was disined in 1947 by Eero saainen
geographic location
Lily Pad" in Onondaga Cave
*it is located in l
* it is one of the biggest caves in Missouri
*this caves has many rivers
*the cave has very large stalagmites and stalactites
easburg, Missouri

*it is located in Branson Missouri
*it is one of the most popular places in the united states
*it is one of the most photographed place in Branson
* a lot of people go there for vacation
maps of missouri
topographic map of Missouri
road map of Missouri
elevation map of Missouri
climate map of missouri

*Kansas city chiefs
*Kansas city royals
* st.louis rams
*st.louis cardinals
*st.louis blues
fun facts

state bird eastern blue bird
state tree flowering dog wood
state animal Missouri mule
state fish channel catfish
state dance square dance
state insect honey bee
state nut black walnut
state song Missouri waltz
state fossil crinoid
state rock mozarkite
road trip distance
*st.louis to Jefferson city is 133 miles
*Jefferson city to gate way arch 133miles
*gate way arch to Lilly pad 473miles
*lilly pad to ripleys ooditorium 133 miles
*ripley ooditorum to wce 808 miles
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