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Micaela McGowan

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Cultural



Prof. Laura DeNitto Natalie
Rachel Tyson
Dr. Juris Pupcenoks
Kyle Heubner
Prof. Ted Messerschmidt
Chris Didona
Juliette Loccisano
Prof. Gregory Machacek



Eastern European


Cherokee Native American
Sierra Leonean
French Canadian
Chezc Republic
What are their musical backgrounds?
Laura's mother played french horn and cello in high school
Rachel's cousin Renee DeKnight member of D.R.B.
Dr. Pupcenoks listened to Grunge & rock during high school.
Kyle plays the piano
Ted's father and sisters are professional musicians and played the trombone in high school.
Chris plays five instruments: Guitar, clarinet, piano, percussion, and synthesizer and is currently in the Marist Band.
Juliette participated in her high school choir
Greg took guitar lessons from when he was little until middle school
What's their favorite type of music?
LAURA is into blends that include a bluegrass feel (Punch Brothers)
RACHEL enjoys indie pop, rock, classical, jazz and alternative (Justin Timberlake)
Dr. PUPCENOKS likes Some sort of a fusion, e.g., electronic + rock (Muse)
KYLE likes to listen to Viderunt Omnes (classified Gregorian Chant)
TED is into both classical music as well as the "oldies"
CHRIS likes a variety of music since he enjoys learning and playing new genres.
JULIETTE enjoys listening to House music
GREG loves classical music with his favorite artists being Mozart and Shubert
Why are they involved in music?
LAURA knew from an early age that she wanted to pursue music education as a career. She had amazing music teachers that were there for her in more than just musical endeavors. She believes music brings a community together.
For RACHEL music is her way of functioning. It serves as a release to her. She listens to it to give her confidence in conveying emotions that she normally wouldn’t be able to.
How does music influence their lives?
For LAURA, music has brought and continues to bring people together in ways that they wouldn't get to experience without it. Music can also change her mood. Whenever she's frustrated or stressed out, her husband puts on calming acoustic Colin Hay.
Without music, RACHEL most likely wouldn't have a career path in mind. She wants to specialize in music therapy and music influence is a huge aspect of that career.
What does their music and cultural identity mean to them?
Although LAURA'S background includes Italian, Irish, etc., she really grew up in an "American" household, listening to classic rock and playing classical music in band and private lessons. She loves learning about how music impacts other's lives, and how their musical background drives their experiences in music.
RACHEL believes her nationality helps her see a different perspective of music. African and Native American music have a lot of depth to them, and after listening to their different genres of music for her entire life, she has been able to easily depict the different sections of a song that have been influenced by those cultures.

KYLE likes the creativity music has with how it was created back in the 11th century to how it is formed today.
For Dr. PUPCENOKS, music gets him pumped and motivated.

For KYLE, while he meditates he listens to plain chant
For KYLE, his cultural music identity meant that his German ancestors had an affinity for polyphony.
Music has always surrounded TED since he was young. He stopped playing the trombone in college, but he didn't want to give up music completely. Now, he has his masters in composition and continues working towards his doctorate. To stay involved, he conducts the Marist Orchestra.

CHRIS started playing music in high school and continues to play today. It is considered his hobby and form of entertainment.
For TED, music gives meaning to life in many ways. He knows he can rely on music to relate with his life, meaning that no matter what happens to him in life, he can find music that relates to what happened and will help him feel better.

CHRIS puts many hours and effort into his playing and finds that it gives him an outlet for his emotions.
TED'S cultural background is very important to him. He chose his career in music because of the importance of keeping it involved in his life. He would admit that it has also shaped him in more than just his career. He wishes that he had been involved more; he believes he could have done more to be incorporated in his musical background. Still, he knows that he was given more opportunities than most other people and appreciates that.
Music influences JULIETTE because she can relate to it. The messages and emotions provide connections for her to relate to which draws her into specific types of music.

For GREG, listening to classical music helps him relax and shift gears from work to relaxation; time away from "screen time" as in TV or computer. His field is literature and one dimension is rhymes of poems and that interest has gotten him to listen to rap, for the poetic element.
GREG'S cultural and musical background didn't mean much to him because his parents raised him with traditions that didn't mean as much to him either. He grew up like an average American, without any other cultural influence. He grew up in the mid west and that was the sole profound impact on him.
“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”

-Victor Hugo
Presented By:

Micaela McGowan
Brianna Jones
Stephan Hofmann
Corley Herman
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