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Variable, Testable Question, & Hypothesis

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Curry Andrews

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Variable, Testable Question, & Hypothesis

Ms. Andrews 8th Grade Science Class
Variables, Testable Questions & Hypothesis
What are variables?

In science, variables are anything that
changes in an experiment.

Try it with your paper airplanes!
Get in groups of 3.

Engineer your own paper airplane.

In Groups, come up and try to hit the
Who had the "best" paper airplane?

Why was it considered the best?

Write down all the variables, or things that
changed between you and your group
members' airplanes.
FORMAT of a Testable Question:

once you know if your variable is independent or dependent you can write your testable question.
How do testable questions and regular questions differ?
HIGHLIGHT any variables you changed.

Circle variables that changed on their own.
Variables YOU CHANGE are called
Independent variables.

Variables YOU MEASURE are called
Dependent Variables.
Hypothesis Format: Once you know your
testable question, you can make an educated
If (INDEPENDENT) __________,
then (DEPENDENT) will ______________.
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