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Emerging Practitioners In Philanthropy

No description

Julian Haynes

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Emerging Practitioners In Philanthropy

Membership organization with over 300 members throughout 11 chapters across the U.S.

Mission: "To strengthen the next generation of grantmakers, in order to advance effective social justice philanthropy

Founded in 2001 by a group of young foundation professionals who recognized a need for there to be more professional development for new and emerging leaders in philanthropy

Budget of around $500K

Fiscal sponsor is the New World Foundation

Board comprised of 15 professionals across all sectors

Started as an informal network of volunteers Programs Leadership
Advocacy Philanthropology
Professional Development Fund (PDF)
Grantmaking Skills Training
Mentoring Advice and Referrals
For young adults who wish to make a transition from activist, nonprofit, corporate or other jobs/careers to the foundation world Leadership Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy Networking National Conferences
Partnerships with Regional Association of Grantmakers (RAGs)
Partnerships with affinity groups Advocacy/Social Justice Parnership with Resource Generation-national network that supports and challenges young people with wealth
Provides a space for honest cross-class converations about power dynamics among emerging foundation professionals and young, major donors
Philanthropology 2.0--Paradoxes in philanthropy Sustained membership engagement
Few options for members to be active between events (happy hour)
No sustainable mechanism for communication between affiliates
Members become disengaged and, disappear...
Founed in 1980
Over 1000 members
Unique organizational structure
Empowering change, owning action
Bringing young leaders together
Kepping young leaders together Communications
Member Services
Young Philanthropists Award
Job connections
Governance--Board/staff searches

Best Practices Methodology One on one interviews
Attended EPIP National Conference Denver, CO
Ad hoc focus groups
Literature review of social capital, human capital development and volunteer management
Research of best practices of membership organizations Challenges My Charge Figure out how to create a sustainable, engaged EPIP alumni community Founded in 1963
Provide educational and career programs to young people in underserved communities
Specific alumni governance structure
Advocates program--SEO Liaisons who fundraise for SEO programs
Alumni Recruiting Fellows
SEO Career Center
Recommendations EPIP is a young organization that needs to empower members to assume leadershihp roles to help guide the organization in the future
Founded by volunteers--Needs to be member/volunteer driven
EPIP Committees--Ownership Committees with 1-2 year terms that address:
Philanthropology Curriculum
Mentoring program
Professional Development Fund Program--awardee engagement and follow-up
Affiliate communication strategies (sharing of best practices)
Group community volunteer opportunities
Marketing and Promotion--EPIP Exposure
Conference Planning
Develop EPIP Fellowship Program
New Generating Change Initiative

Strategic Partnerships Regional Association of Grantmakers (RAGs)--EX. Philanthropy New York
CBOs committed to social justice--Convergence of community organizing with philanthropy
Graduate programs
Live stream webcasting
Blogs--EPIP Member Reflections
Jobs Board
Smart mob organizing--creating a movement Social Media EPIP is a founding partner of National Nonprofit Sector Workforce Coalition
Coalition that works toward addressing generational workforce issues in the nonprofit sector

EPIP Generating Change Initiative
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