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Effective Healthcare Leadership

No description

Ryan Driscoll

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Effective Healthcare Leadership

Context & Challenges
contemporary context and challenges of healthcare leadership.
Leadership in Implementing Change
the role of leadership in implementing change and improving practice in different contexts of care.
using the CLINLAP/LEADLAP model to see how modern management ideas, tools and techniques are used effectively in leadership development
Effective Healthcare Leadership
edited by

Applicable Theories
Transformational Leadership & Authentic Leadership
The National Health Service in the United Kingdom
Melanie Jasper & Mansour Jumaa
NHS Organization
provides free healthcare to UK's 63.2 million residents
employs 1.7 million people, half are clinically trained
completely run by taxpayers
split into 4 branches in the UK
policy makers
nurses & non-clinicians
Important Parts of the NHS
Book Organization
Challenges for the Future
hearts & minds, leadership for all, traditional boundaries, & education

1. Look outside of existing power structures
2. Don’t let the current structure limit you
3. Create leadership roles that engage traditionally labeled "subordinates"
4. Large organizations require leadership plans
community health/local gov

people & providers

opportunities for leadership
ie consultants & instructors

powerful influential operators
strategic thinkers
reflective thinker
developer of nursing knowledge
process consultants
creating transformational leaders
create a path of development for nurses
Changing the focus to nursing
Nurses make up huge proportion of NHS workforce
Historically not given much power

give them the tools to develop power and lead in healthcare, community health, & to advocate in government

Key in empowerment strategies & important in creating a dynamic team

"those purported to having adopted a transformational leadership style have shown qualities of integrity and honesty coupled with perseverance and the desire to improve things for other people, all underpinned by a strong core of moral and ethical values"
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